Thieves Essential Oil Back to School Promo! Let’s GET Healthy!

It’s that time of year again where we either give three cheers for “Back to School”…or dread the early morning routines after a long a relaxing summer. If you are like me, you are really looking forward to not making a gazillion meals a day and being asked every five minutes for a snack. I am also looking forward to some special time with my youngest, who lately seems to get lost in the hustle and bustle of sports and activities with the boys.

In the past I would CRY when back to school time came because my kids were the ones who caught EVERYTHING. We missed so much school and the whole routine of “sickness” is just taxing on the entire family. This year, however, we are prepared and I am anxiously awaiting the ability to say, “I love you, have a great day!”

What turned it around for us last year was this special little red bottle called Thieves. Our immune systems were boosted immediately and my kids weathered sickness like rock stars. Lately we have been exposed to Hand Foot and Mouth, as well as the Flu and my kids were the only ones not to get it. To me, that is AMAZING!

I want YOU to reap the same benefits as our family and give you a great way to start your Essential Oil journey with the right education and support.

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What can you do with these?? Endless Germ killing of course, natural, safe, 100% effective again super bugs, Lice, dust, mold and other nasties, plus you will smell GREAT!

Spray on Backpacks (germs hitch a ride home on these), on the head to prevent lice, clothing, hands, feet, bathrooms, doors, tables etc… You can even spray this in your throat to kill Strep!

theives spray 2

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premium kit

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I am so excited for you to start a journey of Health and with God’s uniquely designed intelligent Medicine!

NOW you can be EXCITED for Back to School

Let’s take the FEAR out of FEVERS

Today was going to be a post on misconceptions and bullies with regard to recovering children from Autism, but instead some real life stuff happened recently and it is on my heart to share. The other post shall have to wait.

thomas Edison

About a year ago I finally released my fear and timidity of natural medicine, but it was a very long journey. Reversing something I have known my whole life is a very BIG change. When our boys were first diagnosed with Autism and we ventured into more “natural” means it was definitely foreign. For two years big brother was sick a lot; his entire system was wrecked and far from a state of homeostasis. I can distinctly remember a period of 6 months where we spent 3 nights a week in the emergency room receiving breathing treatments and steroid inhalers. There was a “fear” instilled in me each time we visited urgent care, the hospital or the pediatricians office. Fear that if I did not start dosing toxic synthetics into my son he would surely never get better. I didn’t question or research, but I should have. We would have saved ourselves a lot of time, money and emotional distress given even a basic knowledge of God’s intelligent design. Since then, I have come to know one very important fact:

Medicine is not Healthcare – Nutritious food and plants are Healthcare.

Medicine is sickcare. Let’s all get this straight for a change.

Present day finds me extremely confident in treating my children at home with the most effective natural medicine available. I had to put on a different set of lenses to see our bodies for what they are; immaculately made with complete precision by our Creator. He does not make mistakes, and the inner defenses he established and our bodies response to illness portray it.

I want to specifically target fevers because it is completely misunderstood and treatment is totally “fear” based. Here was our recent experience:IMG_9064


Baby girl (23 months) woke up perfectly fine but was harboring a residual dry cough that we had been treating with thyme, lavender and lemon. She ate normal, acted energetic and then around 10 am became listless, with watery eyes and a fever of about 102.

The “old self” would have reached for the Tylenol or even rushed to urgent care for fear that it might be a serious infection. The old self would have been given a prescription for antibiotics or maybe at the very least a large dose of a synthetic fever reducer. Anxiousness and feeling overwhelmed by the thought of “what if it gets worse” would have set in. I would have been chained to my bottle of fever reducer all while destroying my child’s liver and enzymatic system.

Letting go of the craziness is hard and takes a lot of patience, but it can be done and I assure you the outcome gleans more permanent and positive results than modern medicine ever will.


What I have learned

Fevers are one of the most powerful healing responses we have and an indication that the human body is fighting an infectious disease. Reducing fever is best accomplished by using anti-inflammatory essential oils internally or topically, taking detoxifying baths and just letting go…our body knows exactly what to do.

How did fever come to be seen as so dangerous a condition that we put our child’s well being at risk in order to suppress the temperature?

The Fevers function is to stimulate an immune response and create an environment that is inhospitable to invading organisms. Basically, turn the temperature up to kill invaders. The hypothalamus then kicks in when it gets signals from different lines of defense that are being overwhelmed. It is the hypothalamus that determines what is sufficient to protect our bodies from those bugs.

The Benefits of Fever

  • More antibodies — cells trained to specifically attack the exact type of invader that your body is presently suffering from — produced more specific to that bug than any pharmaceutical.
  • More white blood cells (the good guys) produced, circulating, mobilizing and armed to fight off the invading bugs specific to the general category of invader.
  • More interferon produced (another immune system good guy, which blocks spread of viruses to healthy cells).
  • Walling off of iron, which bacteria feed on.

Increased temperature, which directly kills microbes. (Most bacteria and viruses actually grow better at temperatures lower than the human body, which is why they like our cool noses in the winter.) Parents, it’s not your kids begging for fever-reducing drugs; it’s the germs.

Listen up! In order for a fever to efficiently kill invading microbes, the temperature usually needs to reach 102.7. When we artificially reduce that temperature to oh…let’s say 99 (which is exactly what synthetics do) you have now created a perfect little petri dish in the body allowing the invaders to flourish. Why does it not surprise us when an illnesses lasts much longer than needed? You know that co-worker or friends child who was sick for 3 months straight? Probably used synthetics to suppress and push all of those invaders right back in. Meanwhile, our “intelligent” system is working overtime to flush it out. A struggle that will never be broken until you decide to put a halt to it.

Simply put – The body was tricked! It was never able to do what God created.


Perking up a little!

Treating Fever the Naturopathic Way

Naturopathic treatment is to support a fever, unless it rises too high or too quickly. A fever of 102 degrees F to 103 degrees F is considered the optimal defense against microbes. Temperatures like these also heal the body most effectively. Supporting a fever means to work with it, not against it. For example, one effect of fever is to slow down peristalsis, which is movement of food through the gut. We should eat less and drink more water when treating a fever and homemade bone broth is a perfect nutrient have on hand.

Our Protocol

Ok, let’s get back to baby girls quick recovery. After she tried to nap but woke within 1 hour and a temp of 102, also pretty unhappy, I quickly popped her in a baking soda bath with lemon and lavender essential oil. This was our first line of defense to help push her body in the direction of healing. The baking soda and lemon pulled out the virus faster and the lavender calmed her nervous system and squelched her “fever shakes” immediately. Of course not knowing the root cause of her illness I chose lemon and lavender because they correct almost any issue. Natural medicine is about listening to our bodies and making the choice to use something that will be powerful enough to self-correct while never result in side effects.


Seriously these bugs didn’t stand a chance.

After our long amazingly blissful bath (insert sarcasm here) I rubbed peppermint and lavender on her back and the bottom of her feet, gently nudging her body in the right direction it needed to go. Peppermint is critically important for any home medicine cabinet, from vomiting to nauseousness to a fever, it does it all!


We kept this up for about two hours and then supported her immune system with the application of thieves on the bottom of her feet and internally 1 drop with raw manuka honey (another great natural immune booster). The fever was 100 by then, and gradually decreasing even more. Bye bye little microbes!

Baby girl was eating dinner and sleeping soundly with no fever, cough or sign of a cold by lights out. We will continue to apply thieves, lemon and lavender tomorrow to ensure we prop her immune system up well.


Playing with brother. All better.

Relaaaaax and let it go!

If you are still under the impression that having a fever or 100 or 101 degrees Fahrenheit is an indication of a dangerous situation, relax! It’s not!

Unfortunately, most parents end up giving their child potentially toxic doses of fever-reducing medications such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen when, in reality, their child’s temperature is ideal for accomplishing healing. Worse yet, there are parents who administer aspirin at the first sign of fever, which actually poses a far greater health risk than any fever could, as aspirin may cause Reye’s Disease, which can be lethal.

“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies (1 Corinthians 6:19-20, NIV).

Let’s Re-cap: 

It’s important to realize that fever is your body’s backup defense mechanism when your primary ones – mainly your immune system — fail. Your first line of defense is your macrophages, which gobble up any invading microbes.

We all know that it is far easier to prevent an illness than to treat it. This involves building up and keeping the immune system functioning strong before an illness gets the chance to invade our immune system, we do this strictly with essential oils, completely streamlining our “natural” medicine cabinet. 

Did you know that there is growing evidence to support a Vitamin D deficiency is really the cause of the common cold? So get some more STAT and be sure it is not GMO or derived from soy. I love this brand HERE.

Confidence in the gifts God gave us

I can remember like it was yesterday the absolute fear and anxiety illness played in our home. There is nothing worse than feeling helpless when faced with a child struggling to catch their breath, or a high fever or vomiting and taking constant trips to the doctors office for recurring illness because it was never treated properly in the first place.

My faith in natural medicine can never be broken, and yes, I believe in “trauma” medicine, however, my husband and I witness its strength at work daily in our lives. It is very freeing, humbling and empowering all at the same time.

To read more about the effectiveness of essential oils read HERE

YLEO vs OTC drugs 2

Click here for circumstances that warrant a trip to the Emergency Room (trauma medicine)

The information on this blog is for educational purposes only and it is our life story. It is not intended to prescribe, diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please educate yourself and address any health or medical needs you may have with your physician. The essential oils described on this blog refer only to therapeutic grade essential oils. I only recommend Young Living essential oils. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.


5 Important Essential Oils for Babies and Beyond…

adeline newborn024

Top 5 Essential Oils for Babies and Children

We can go thru life with regrets or realize that people, places and things are put in our lives at exactly the right time. Do I wish that  natural remedies would have been my first choice as we started having children…of course! Or when my babies experienced their first high fever and ear infection I would have had essential oils and herbs at my disposal….why yes!

There is something very empowering and freeing when you have complete control over your families health. To know for almost any illness, there is powerful yet gentle “medicine” that provide peace and comfort to parents, especially when there are so few things that are safe for babies when they are hurting.  I would have loved to have a stash of oils to get me through some of those tough times. Better late than never!

dr mom ms gems pic

My knowledge and desire to be Dr. Mom came in its own perfect timing and has been a crucial part of healing our boys from autism. To be able to equip parents with options (other than pharmaceuticals and synthetics) is an absolute passion. I WILL change the world… more specifically our approach to modern medicine and the “quick fixes” that our society craves in all facets of life.

So let’s focus on babies for a moment. They are our most valuable gift and that first few years are a critical time to establish a life of good health and immune function. 

Below is a list of essential oils for babies, along with protocols for common issues that babies experience.

simple things to keep in mind: always dilute on babies with coconut oil or jojoba oil. Do not expect results from inferior oils.


#1 – Lavender

My top pick is lavender because it is one of the most versatile oils. It instills a normal sleep pattern, and what mom doesn’t need that in the first three months?? Lavender cleanses skin irritations, releases tension in the mind and body, among a long list of other things! Lavender is known as sort of the Swiss Army knife of oils, and has traditionally been known to balance the body and work where there is a need. When in doubt, use lavender is what you will always hear me say! **caution to know and trust your source of lavender. It is one of the easiest to make synthetically which provides zero therapeutic effect. Your essential oil company should have a S.E.E.D. to seal guarantee in place.

Can be used for: Cradle Cap • Crying Baby • Diaper Rash • Clogged Tear Duct • Fever


#2 – Di-Gize

What do I hear more than anything (next to eczema) that pretty much every baby is suffering from? Constipation, gas, colic, or diarrhea, and IT IS NOT NORMAL…so don’t let your pediatrician get away with telling you it is and handing you a prescription for a drug that will cause life-long immune dysfunction. I have personally seen many infants suffering from gut issues, only to have it worsen with OTC’s and Drugs; in each case, a small amount of Di-gize offered immediate relief….and stay away from the pasteurized milk people!

Di-Gize is a blend containing tarragon, ginger, peppermint, juniper, fennel, lemongrass, anise, and patchouli. These oils help with problems related to the digestive system. Simply rub a little over the belly or the bottom of the feet.

Eczema anyone?? The new “fashion” for babies and kids now. A combo of Di-gize to heal the gut and lavender to nourish the skin is a powerful one-two punch to nip that in the bud.

Can be used for: Colic • Jaundice • Constipation • Diarrhea


#3 – Thieves

A powerhouse of germ killing! Even superbugs like MRSA and C-diff are no match for this blend. Thieves contains clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus radiate, and rosemary. It is highly antiviral and antiseptic. I use it any time there is evidence of germs attacking!

Can be used for: Coughing • Teething • Fever • Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease


#4 – Melrose

Melrose is a blend containing two types of melaleuca, rosemary, and clove. It has strong antiseptic properties and can fight infection. It also helps with tissue regeneration. This oil is also very gentle with little to no “hot” feeling on the skin.

Little did I know how common molluscum contageousum and warts were until it happened to our middle son. This blend has been a part of our oil regimen to heal molluscum permanently! 

Can be used for: Ear Infection • Cradle Cap • Thrush

Lavender Plus Melrose

If you have both lavender and Melrose, this combination of oils is useful for pink eye, baby acne, eczema, dermatitis and warts. (never put oils directly in the eye)


#5 – Peace and Calming

Peace and calming is a blend containing tangerine, orange, ylang ylang, patchouli, and blue tansy. It offers up the most deep relaxing sleep you will ever experience! Peace and calming also helps with insomnia, and can reduce stress and anxiety. Mom also needs this oil, as it works wonders after a busy day and you find that your mind just won’t shut off.

This oil is a HUGE part of our Autism Protocol!

Can be used for: Crying Baby • Sleeplessness • Coughing

Finding it hard to begin? Below are some simple protocols to use for many common childhood illnesses. They only apply to the use of Young Living Essential oils. 


Thieves, Melaleuca, Lemon, or Lavender. Diffuse 2 drops of either at bedtime or during the day. Mix 1 drop of either with 1 TBL of a good carrier oil and massage the upper chest and back at each diaper change.


Mix 1 drop of Lavender with 1 TBL of a good carrier oil. Gently massage a few drops into the abdomen in a clockwise direction following the natural movement of the colon.


Lavender or Roman Chamomile. Add a drop of either to 1 TBL of good carrier oil and massage in a clockwise motion on the tummy.


Mix 1 drop of Lavender with 1 TBL of a good carrier oil and rub a small amount on the chest and back.


Place a small drop of Lavender or Roman Chamomile on your hand or a tissue and just let the baby smell the oil.


Mix 1 drop of Roman Chamomile with 1 TBL good carrier oil, gently massage 2-3 drops on the tummy in a clockwise motion following the natural movement of the colon.


Combine 1 drop of Chamomile and 1 drop of Lavender with 1 drop of whole milk. Add to baby’s bath water and swish around before bathing baby. Keep the oils away from baby’s eyes.


Mix 1 drop of Lavender with 1 TBL of quality carrier oil. Massage a small amount onto the bottoms of the feet and apply to the back of the neck and behind the ears, cover the feet with socks.


Mix 1 drop of Geranium with 1 TBL of quality carrier oil. Apply to the bottoms of feet and over the liver area. Do not apply oils within 1/2 hr before or after UVA treatment.


Mix 1 drop of Roman Chamomile or Lavender with a TBL of quality carrier oil. Use a small amount to gently massage outside of the face along the jaw line. Thieves and Clove are also amazing, but dilute well and apply to the gum line.


Mix 1 drop of Roman Chamomile and 1 drop of Wild Orange with 2 TBL of quality carrier oil. Add 1 Tsp of mixture to warm bath water, swishing around before bathing baby. #2 One drop of Di-gize on the belly or bottom of the feet. Avoid getting oils in baby’s eyes.

Other essential oils commonly used on infants: Grapefruit, Lemon, & Tangerine

nov2012 meschuk family020



Dilute 1-2 drops of Thyme or Lemon in 2 TBL of quality carrier oil and massage a little on neck and chest. Another great option is Thieves.


Dilute 1-2 drops of Rosemary, Ginger or Orange in a TBL of quality carrier oil and massage on stomach and feet. (Di-gize as well)


Add 5 drops of Lavender and 5 drops of Melaleuca to warm water, use to clean the wound. Apply 1 drop of Lavender to a band-aid and cover the wound. The Lavender may sting if applied directly.


Apply Melaleuca and Lavender to the outside of ear or apply a of each to a cotton ball and set in the ear. Do not apply oils directly into the ear canal.

Read Here about our Ear Infections and how we treat them.


Dilute a drop of Lavender and a drop of Peppermint in 2 TBLS of coconut or jojoba oil and massage a small amount on back of neck, behind the ears and on the back.


Dilute 1 drop of Cypress or Lemon in an unscented bath gel and use in a warm bath.


Cool burn first with cold water. If the skin is not broken apply 2 drops of Lavender directly to the burn. If the skin is broken apply the Lavender on the perimeter of the burned area. Apply 5 drops of Lavender to a cold, DRY cloth and gently hold over burned area.


Add 5 drops of Lavender to 1 tsp of Aloe Vera and apply to sunburned area.

The bottoms of the feet are really one of the best places to apply oils. Interesting to me is that oils even as hot as oregano can be applied to the bottoms of the feet without discomfort. Be sure to put socks on to prevent getting these kinds of oils on other areas of the body that are more sensitive.

It is truly magical to be able to sooth a burn or calm a distraught child will these beautiful essential oils. They will learn to love them and look forward to their benefits from very early on.

To read more on why Essential oils heal and drugs do not, click here. I have THREE Special gifts to send you for any Premium Membership with Young Living Essential Oils. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions! Read bout them by Clicking HERE

One last thought. It is time we start taking health into our own hands and stop the cycle of “suppression” that our society has fallen into. What happens when we face anything uncomfortable whether it be illness or just in life? We want to suppress it, rather than heal it. We are taught from an early age that a trip to the pharmacy and some drugs will take away discomfort immediately, and in a time of quick fixes and immediate gratification, this is all we know.

Our bodies, so perfectly designed, are not meant to be “quick fixes”. A fever means the body is fighting germs, but if we trick it and do not allow this natural process to happen, then that virus or bacteria will never go away. There are compounding effects to that as well. Anything with a list of side-effects means those things can ACTUALLY happen!

Natural Medicine does not have side effects. Natural Medicine does not cause other organs and systems to shut down because of their use.  More importantly, natural medicine is ancient in its roots and if you are looking for a medicine with the longest track record of safety, look no further than essential oils.

mar2013 little mamas003

I am a wife and a mom who loves learning about essential oils & sharing with others the incredible things I have learned through my research, personal experiences & the experiences of friends and family. Please like and share the love!

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The recommendations above are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.


Should Tonsils, Adenoids and Tubes be left alone?


If there is one thing I wish I had known more about before having children, it would be an understanding of ear infections and proper treatment. Actually sickness in general, why it happens, and how to investigate and find root causes. Unfortunately I was conditioned like many of us to not question a Doctor prescribing drugs. Take it, follow the directions and that should fix it right? Not so in many cases.

Instead we need to educate and empower ourselves to choose wisely when faced with putting anything into our children’s body. Luckily we still are blessed with a few great Pediatricians and Doctors, like our Dr. S, who listen, support and acknowledge parental concerns. I just wish there were more of them.

When any doctor suggests that a child should have surgery some serious questions need to be asked, especially if it falls under the “oh it’s routine we do it all the time” category. Today this is quite often the case in tubes, adenoid removal and tonsillectomy surgery.

Some current stats:

  • Of those who have tubes placed in their ears, only 25% see significant improvement. The other 75% return to illness within 3 months of removal.
  • Ear tubes remain popular — with an estimated 700,000 insertions a year in the United States
  • Our body knows it needs tonsils and adenoids. They will begin to regenerate, and if surgery is done before the age of 3, studies show than in 75% of cases they come back. Pretty smart.
  • 45% of tonsils regrow as well. Again our body inherently needs them, so they regenerate. Even more so if surgery is done in early childhood.
  • Regrowth of tonsils and adenoids is linked to the continued presence of allergens and or toxins that were the cause of the issue in the first place. Remove the cause and there is no need to remove the tonsils.
  • There is a critical time 6 months after surgery where children’s immune systems are significantly weaker.
  • Just like any part of your child’s health…enlarged tonsils, adenoids or recurring ear infections are a sign that something is going array in the immune system. Explore the possibility of why, before jumping into surgically removing an important part of your child’s body.

Understanding why we have Tonsils and Adenoids

Both of these are extremely important to our entire immune system. Both the tonsils and adenoids act like a trap for allergens, bacteria and toxins that we are exposed to on a daily basis-if the bacteria, toxins and dust/mold were to travel deeper into our immune system then potentially more serious reactions could occur.

Our systems are ALL inter-connected:


Adenoids and tonsils work inside the lymphatic system and process fluid together with the other lymphoid tissues present in the human body. That liquid has lymphocytes (a form of white blood cell), whose job is destroying toxins and bacteria. If these contaminants and toxins miss out traveling thru the adenoids and tonsils, and enter through the skin, the antibodies are produced and travel to attack the invading toxins.

In upper respiratory infections, our tonsils are meant to neutralize by producing antibodies. These antibodies or immunoglobulins are proteins that are found in the bodily fluids (blood). As our tonsils begin to mature they produce five types of antibodies, including specific antibodies against Diptheria, Poliovirus, staphylococcus, haempophilus influenzae and streptococcus pneumoniae.

For those with weaker immune systems, like small children who have not built it completely up, the tonsils and adenoids are critical. With age, the adenoids have less responsibility but still continue to produce antibodies when allergens, toxins and bacteria enter through the breathing pathway.

Where are the tonsils and adenoids:


And then come infections

If the adenoids get over-worked with a higher amount of toxins, bacteria or allergens entering, then infections can occur. Younger children fall into this often as they are more prone to “ingest” bacteria by putting things into their mouths. Since both work in unison, if one is infected most likely the other is as well.

  • Symptoms of infection or swelling in the adenoids include, difficulty swallowing, sore throat, heavy breathing, mouth breathing (critical to teach your children to nose breathe at it is a first line of defense to trap allergens)

The continual presence of allergens and toxins can cause repeated infections to occur in both the tonsils and adenoids. “A study done in Poland in 2004 showed that 28.6% of the children who had swollen tonsils, in fact had a major food allergy. The tonsils and adenoids were full of the allergen that the body was attempting to trap and thus were completely aggravated and swollen.”

Other studies have also come to this conclusion with environmental based allergies

Often, once the allergen was removed, the child’s adenoids and tonsils return back to normal, doing the job they were designed for.

From our own personal experience, our son was constantly stuffy, often berthed thru the mouth and snored. He was not what I would consider “well”. Many factors contributed to that, but the BIGGIE was milk (casein)! Once that was eliminated, he was significantly better, and so were his ears. Back to our pretty rad pediatrician who would tell me “milk isn’t meant for humans!” I finally listened.

Food Allergies or Sensitivities

Food allergies and sensitivities to food are two different things. An allergy can result in severe anaphylactic reactions, hives etc. Intolerance’s can last a life-time and show up in varying symptoms. Inflammation occurs in both the tonsils and adenoids due to the presence of the food causing the reaction both in short and long term situations. Both can be tested for; one a blood test, the other a scratch test. It is always a good idea to see exactly what you are dealing with. I would highly suggest auricular testing with an experienced Homeopathic doctor, as the intolerance will be 100% accurate. These Docs are far and few between, and I would only go to the BEST, like this one.

food intolerances

And then there were Tubes

Everything mentioned above can lead to recurrent ear infections-and then often doctors suggest draining the excess fluid with surgery or “tubes”. It is a billion dollar business…if we change the nutrition, health and how we treat infections initially, these too can be eliminated.

Natural Ways to Combat Adenoid/Tonsil and Ear Infections

Explore the idea of visiting a Chiropractor that specializes in children.

If the spine is out of alignment, even in the smallest of ways, it can have huge repercussions on your immune system. Everything is inter-connected to the vertebrae in the spine. Each organ, nervous system, brain, immune response etc…Vertebral subluxations have life-long impacts on overall health and injury. I cannot say enough about Dr. Mac, he is a genius in re-aligning our children’s systems.


Ear aches/infections/drainage issues can all be greatly reduced and completely corrected with spinal adjustments, as well as the negative effects of swollen tonsils/adenoids. The main reason being tied back to the inability to efficiently drain toxins and allergens, already illustrated above.

Young children are especially susceptible to spinal issues right from birth ( birthing itself can cause a whole series of subluxations), and if not corrected will continue to cause problems into adult hood. We’ve talked a bit about the fact that the tonsils and adenoids are part of the immune system, the ears are as well. Ear wax is part of our immune systems way of draining the foreign invaders of toxins, allergens and bacteria in our body.

Being that the tonsils and adenoids are a part of the lymph system; if you take a look at the diagram showing their placement in the body, you will notice that the Eustachian tube from the ears drains directly near the adenoids and the fluid flows past both the adenoids and tonsils.

A vital part of the lymph system is the ability to drain away the “dead” invaders as waste products. The drainage of the lymph system relies on the muscle groups located near each lymph node-for the adenoids and tonsils these are the muscles of the neck and upper body (think shoulder blades and up). If there is a subluxation of the upper spine, the ability for these muscles to contract properly and allowing for the lymph nodes to drain can be blocked partially or completely which results in these areas swelling and ultimately becoming infected by the waste products.

Often, even on the first visit to a Chiropractor, relief can be immediate, Here is a great study on Tonsillitis.

Homeopathic/Natural Treatment of Infections

When an infection in the tonsils, adenoids and ears is present the normal course of action is to prescribe an antibiotic. BUT the over use of antibiotics can have significant health issues especially in younger children. Antibiotics are completely UNABLE to decipher the “bad” bugs/bacteria/virus, instead wiping out both the good and bad bacteria found in our entire body, leaving it open to more infection.

Unless a child is prone to seizures, it is suggested to ride out the fever and not treat it with OTC’s (Tylenol, Motrin). The fever is the bodies way of fighting off the infection and is a vital part of the immune system function. Dr. Lawrence Palevsky has the best checklist for handing a fever and illness in a child, it can be found here.

A safe and effective method of treating fevers is to use Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil. The following is a great graphic on how to use essential oils for treating a fever.


Essential Oils for Strep Throat and Tonsillitis

Young Living Oregano Oil is a fantastic oil that is highly effective for bacterial and viral infections it also stimulated the immune system. By stimulating the immune system in a child dealing with Tonsil or Adenoid issues this will result in the immune system working to “kick out” or remove the trapped bacteria that can create swelling/inflammation.


Protocol for Oregano Oil

It is always a best practice to dilute oils for young children (under 5). Take 1-2 drops of Oregano oil and mix with any carrier oils like Olive, Almond, Grapeseed, Coconut. A 50-50 ratio Essential oil to carrier oil. Rub onto the child’s feet.

Ingesting oils is highly effective and often the quickest means to recovery (this can be done for children and adult over 5). It is a spicy oil and best to be mixed. I love mixing it with raw honey on a spoon or in a fresh pressed juice like apple/carrot. If you, or your child can swallow a capsule, then this is very effective! Take 2-3 drops of Oregano oil and 2-3 drops of olive oil in an empty capsule and swallow 2-3 times a day. **Keep in mind genuine therapeutic essential oil are completely safe to ingest. But I will only recommend Young Living.

It is best to avoid diffusing Oregano oil due to it being quite strong and my irritate the brachial tubes. 
Adults-Using the same application methods as the above, but upping the dosage to 4-5 drops is highly effective.



A must have…Thieves Essential Oil

Thieves Oil Blend was created using a recipe from the 15th century, when robbers would cover themselves in oil so they would not contract the plague (and they never did!). The combination of oils is incredibly powerful and is a safe and natural replacement for antibiotics. It is also a highly effective antihistamine, all of these benefits combined make it a necessity oil blend to have in your medicine cabinet. 

For small children, you can rub a few drops on the feet or diffuse.

For adults and older children ingesting is very quick and effective. Same type of protocol as above. Mix with honey, juice or in a capsule.

For acute illness it is suggested to take this up to 5 times a day and also rub directly on the throat area. Since the molecules and chemical structure of pure oils are very small, they have the ability to pass directly thru the skin and penetrate affected cells, kill the bacteria and heal at the cellular level. This is not the case with drugs like antibiotics.

Other Oils: There are other Young Living Oils that have been proven to help with Tonsils and Adenoids include Melaleuca alternifolia (also known as Tea Tree), Myrrh, Lemon, Ginger, Dorado Azul, Melrose and ImmuPower. Each of these oils have antibacterial and antiviral properties as well as decongestant properties which can help reduce the inflammation in the tonsils and adenoids. All can be used/applied as shown above.

Vitamin C and D-is vital to proper immune system function. Unfortunately the RDA(recommended daily amount) is set way to low for optimal health.


Herbs and Sea Salt! An herb that is highly regarded for ear infections is garlic and fenugreek. They are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and help to relieve pain and discomfort. A simple recipe would be to take 2 tbsp of fenugreek seeds and simmer in 1 liter of distilled water for 20-30 minutes, then add crushed garlic and cloves and simmer for a few more minutes. Strain and add 1 tsp of sea salt until its dissolved. Let cool and gargle frequently. Let sit in your throat, and it is also completely safe to swallow. For additional anti-viral properties add one drop of Thieves essential oil.


In short, sugar suppresses the production of white blood cells, and they basically are superman for our immune systems. From the moment we ingest sugar, immune suppression starts. This cycle is even more detrimental on an infant or small child’s immune system.


Milk (Dairy) is known to cause a significant amount of inflammation and mucous. This mucous attempts to get out, and one major source of mucous removal is the sinuses-which are you guessed it directly related to ears, nose and throat. All of which drain past the adenoids and tonsils causing aggravation and leading to infection.

Dairy is also one of the things that is high on the list of food intolerances that many people don’t realize are causing internal issues. Not everyone exhibits lactose intolerance but humans are basically unable to digest lactose after age 6-7 when our body stops producing lactase to digest the milk (breast milk) that we are designed to digest as infants and toddlers. Ingesting large amounts of milk causes our body to go into remove it mode and the mucous is added as a way to flush it out of our system.

If you or your child have a constant stuffy nose, post nasal drip and recurring ear infections, remove dairy from the diet for about 2 weeks and see the difference it makes. ** Note not all dairy causes issues, grass-fed butter is not a true diary product as it’s actually a byproduct, camel, goat and sheep’s milk is much better tolerated in young children as it contains much lower levels of casein and lactose.** Yogurt can also be a good choice in the from of goat or coconut milk as it contains beneficial bacteria to help boost the gut flora and in turn improve immune function.

Health Changes

It will be said over and over again. Putting bad stuff in…will only yield bad stuff coming out. Is it harder to take away milk, sugar and processed foods, or have your child in a continual cycle of illness?

Hard to swallow for many, including me.

In the end, there are ALWAYS natural, safe and effective solutions to try first. Typically, no one needs to rush into surgery for tubes or even begin an antibiotic protocol right away. There IS time to begin a natural course of treatment. In the end, after researching you will know what is right for you and your family and feel confident in that!

Educate, empower and be encouraged! We are all in this together.


To learn more about Essential Oils and their true healing properties Here

Building your natural Medicine Cabinet one simple step at a time here

Disclaimer:  Please seek advice of a Doctor to obtain a diagnosis. I do not diagnose, but rather offer options and want to empower YOU to make wise health decisions. 


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A tale of 3 very different Ear Infections…

Baby Getting Ear Checked With Otoscope

Nothing tests me more as a “natural” momma than ear infections, and we had a pretty rough go of it a few weeks ago. You can catch up here.

There are few things that make me want to scream and run into a dark closet more than antibiotics (ear infections & strep) and the stomach flu. Antibiotics just plain scare me, and we need to start taking notice of antibiotic overuse. Here is a very good article written by a biologist (for you natural health questioners) that speaks to this phenomenon very well.


The Start…

Our crazy train of sickness began with an ear infection for big brother (age 6). He exhibited the tell-tale sign that his ear hurt and he was running a low temp. I kept him home from school and hit it hard! I was taking no prisoners. After all, why would I go to all the work of building up my natural medicine cabinet? I needed to be able to spring into action and know precisely what to do.

I immediately placed some garlic oil in his ear, rubbed frankincense, pan away and lavender essential oils on his outer ear and lymph nodes. Oregano EO and Thieves on his feet. I repeated this regimen every hour. **this is what I had on hand, and there are several oils that can be used for ear infections that I will discuss at the end. But it is always good to remember that pure medical grade essential oils all work in harmony together! There is really no wrong oil

I was preparing for the worst. Let’s just say we do not normally have good experiences with illness.

By lunchtime he was a new kid. No fever and no pain.

Could it really be that simple I thought?

Natural Health – 1

Icky antibiotics – 0  

Take that Mr. Urgent care Doctor that hands out antibiotics like its candy.

We were in the clear, or so I thought…


Here comes #2

Enter ear infection for baby sister (17 months)

This one was a bit more challenging. I knew she had all the signs, but I did not want to rush to the doctor. She was just recovering from influenza, which we successfully treated naturally (praise God), and a cold. I am sure the drainage caused the ear infection. I began the very same regimen I did for big brother. No results, or at best minimal. She also cannot vocalize her pain and discomfort which causes mommy to feel so utterly helpless.

Fever, no reduction; pain, whimpering and crying all.night.long.

I stepped it up a notch, diffusing purification, melaleuca, melrose and lavender 24/7, plus oregano oil on her feet (natural antibiotic). Lemon and lavender on her back for fever reduction.

Ahhh, there it was some results. Finally a bit of relief. Her fever went down and she seemed so much happier. But then by that evening she was back at it again. I waved the white flag and headed to urgent care. I would have much rather seen our personal pediatrician, but at night that’s a no-go. I dragged my mom along because at this point I was recovering from strep throat and in no shape to drive or console a crying baby.


The doctor didn’t even flinch, he handed over that prescription for antibiotics so fast I couldn’t even ask questions. I politely took it but had no intention of filling it. My mom, who is 3/4 of the way onto the crunchy bus, practically guilted me into filling it. So we brought her and the pink stuff home. But my thoughts were here the entire time:

  1. How do I really know she needs this antibiotic? Can she recoup without it?
  2. By ingesting this antibiotic, her natural gut flora (the balance of good and bad bacteria) will be off, causing a higher chance of sickness due to a weakened immune system. We already take a large amount of probiotics, but still antibiotics wreak havoc.
  3. I am very concerned about bacterial resistance in our ecosystem, and how does this play into that? Again, does she really need it?
  4. Typically ear infections are viral, not bacterial. Why would I give her something that will intentionally harm her body if it is viral?
  5. There is so much I can try first!
  6. How long can I wait? They make it seem like if I don’t administer this ASAP she will have irreversible damage.

I had every intention to put it off, but with my mom standing over me I relented and gave her a dose. Oh the agony and guilt I felt! I am not a fan of antibiotics, what did I just do?? I thought about how big brother slipped into autism from the combination of antibiotics and vaccines. I did have some comfort knowing that little sister had never had a vaccine and her immune system had been challenged naturally so far with every illness, so her chances of major repercussions from the antibiotic was minimal.


The Power of Prayer

I prayed that night for wisdom and a clear direction of what I should do. I continued the natural remedies thru the night and my answer came in the morning.

Earlier that day I emailed our family homeopathic doctor and he had replied to me by the next morning with what to give her. Funny, opening line in the email was “just because she has an ear infection doesn’t mean she needs antibiotics”. He had a specific regimen for her and I started her on it right away. No, I did not continue the antibiotic, but I did increase her probiotics.

Her regimen consisted of:

  • UNDA ABC drops several times a day (very specific for an ear infection)
  • Melaleuca and lavender EO on a cotton ball in the ear
  • UNDA 2, 15, 312 and 710 drops
  • Belladonna pellets 9CH for fever reduction

***It is important to remember that if you practice natural health, essential oils and homeopathic remedies often do not work together. They actually cancel each other out. I would ask your doctor which oils are safe to use while on a homeopathic regimen

We were getting better, remarkably better. God has answered my prayer and opened a door. I am still not sure what decision I would make when faced with having to use an antibiotic again. It is a difficult for any parent. You have to weigh the situation and go with your instincts and pray. I truly believe modern medicine has its place, but should always be used with utmost caution.


Ear infection #3…the hits keep on coming

Next was little brother. I actually am not saving this for last because it was the worst, these really did happen in this order. Looking back I can see how God had his hand at each and every part of our ear infection madness. As each successive one occurred I learned more and was able to rationally and soundly make a decision for the next successive illness. Amazing how that works right?

Little brother had just recovered from a massive sinus infection (again but the grace of God we were able to treat at home naturally). He complained off and on over the course of a week that his ears hurt, so I put some oils on and after an hour he was “fine”. He was adamant his ears did not hurt any more, but then it would happen again, so I repeated and again he said there was no more pain. Awesome! Until one night I awoke to the most blood curdling scream. So bad, I literally jumped out of bed and ran to their room with phone in hand ready to dial 9-1-1. Husband didn’t even flinch by the way…sound asleep.

I comforted him and he actually went right back to sleep so I thought nothing more than a night terror. I sent him off to school the next morning only to get a call an hour in that he was crying from pain in his ear. Oh man, I thought. I had the intuition driving to his school to call and see if our Dr. S could see him and scheduled an appt for later that afternoon.

I picked him up to find this:


A ruptured eardrum.

Poor kid, it must have hurt like crazy last night when it popped, and I didn’t even know! Enter the mommy guilt again.

I have never experienced a ruptured ear drum before and was noticeable shaken buy it. It’s actually pretty gross and the bacteria and fluid oozes out constantly from the ear.

What did I do until his appt?

I applied melaleuca, lavender and melrose on a cotton ball and had him wear it immediately to annihilate the bacteria and stop a possible infection from starting. This mommy doesn’t want to ride the antibiotic crazy train anytime soon! His pain went away immediately, but the drainage was more than I could bear.

On the way to our “mainstream doc” I swung by the homeopath and to my surprise he was there are able to give me some proper remedies and an oil regimen. It truly was a miracle that he was there and able to see M.

I was happy we could see our pediatrician that I trust and who fully supports our natural health decisions, but I was expecting him to tell me little brother needed antibiotics. Everything I read on ruptured ear drums said antibiotics are almost always given.

ruptured drun

He confirmed the rupture and said, “let’s wait and see what happens, no need to rush into antibiotics” Man I love this guy! He even asked me what the homeopath prescribed and was really interested in learning about the essential oils. Ya, I was pretty much floored. He said let it drain for 5 days and we can re-asses.

Well drain it DID

Man, that puppy never stopped. To the point I was getting a little concerned. So we went back. There was no infection (because of the absolute power essential oils have) but the slit was not closing up well, so all he prescribed was a very low dose topical steroid drop. I was ok with that! I continued with the oils, per the doctor, to help with tissue regeneration and to continue to kill bacteria.

Within hours he was back to normal.

I wanted to write about this because after having three kids my memory is shot, lets be honest. I will probably have to refer to my own blog for what to use the next time an ear infections come a knocking. But also because I am in absolute awe as to the power of prayer, Gods ultimate hand in healing and the amazing gift that essential oils are!

They are truly God’s medicine by design.

Here is a break down of some of the oils we used and why they work so well:

Melaleuca alternifolia

can be effective against bacteria
supports the body’s natural defenses
immune system booster
promotes cleansing and purity
can reduce inflammation


Purification is a blend of Citronella, Lemongrass, Lavandin, Rosemary, Melaleuca alternifolia and Myrtle essential oils. I use Purification all the time for so many different things but used specifically for our ear infections because or its power to kill bacteria


One of the most versatile of all essential oils. Therapeutic-grade lavender oil has been highly regarded for the skin and has been clinically evaluated for its relaxing effects. It may be used to cleanse cuts, bruises and skin irritations. The fragrance is calming relaxing and balancing — physically and emotionally. This plant is grown and distilled at the Young Living Farms.

**Lavender was specifically prescribed by our homeopathic doctor because of its amazing ability to drain the lymph nodes.


Melrose contains four powerhouse essential oils. melaleuca alternifolia, melaleuca quinquenervia, clove and rosemary cineol. Together these oils make a powerful blend that is extremely effective at tissue regeneration. It speeds up healing of infections, cuts, scrapes, burns and ear infections. Melrose is also great to have on hand for bites or stings.

What else is in my Medicine Cabinet for Ear infections?

Propolis – a natural antibiotic and immune booster (very powerful and a must for your medicine cabinet)

Colloidal Silver drops

Garlic Oil

Hylands Ear ache drops

To learn more about the power of essential oils you can click on the links below.


Some other helpful links:

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A great book:

No More Antibiotics

The Cost of Being Continually Sick; how to afford health on a budget


Oils have been a part of our life in some way almost as soon as Lincoln was diagnosed with autism 5 years ago. Whole Foods and Mothers Market were my “new” grocery store and it’s pretty hard to miss the amazing supplement section packed full of beauty and health related products minus the chemicals. But as we continued our journey, we gained more knowledge and part of that was just how icky some of those “pure” oils and scents are—the difference between therapeutic grade essential oils and cheaper brands claiming to be “pure” is staggering and quite honestly a hazard to your health in itself.

As I learned more about their powerful healing abilities, and began to rely on them for my family’s health, the next thing I wondered was how I was going to afford them; because quite frankly, you get what you pay for. I saw first hand how “the good stuff” absolutely cured and brought immediate healing, I was an oil addict for sure.

Enter the family budget on one income in Orange County, California, you get the picture (we live pretty humbly without an Escalade-shocker I know in this area!). Just how in the world could we afford anything extra? Our medical (and supplement) bills we already gaining on the national debt. One of our goals right now as a family is to become debt free. How, I wondered, can I keep using essential oils when there just isn’t anything extra in the family budget? Let’s explore some awesome ways to afford better health with essential oils!

Doing an inventory of your medicine/prescriptions and transfer buying:

Want a great cleaning and re-organizing project? Make a list of ALL of the medicine and supplements you have right now. Antacids, headache pills, anti-inflammatories, allergy meds, decongestants, anti-fungal creams, sore muscle creams, tooth ache medicine, burn creams, natural bug repellents, air fresheners, bite creams, toothpaste, supplements, lotions, vitamins and general prescriptions etc.

Then, I looked up the ingredients in many of these items and considered their risks and side effects. I spent a few hours one day purging my medicine closet. I couldn’t believe the amount of products that not only did I not need, but I didn’t want my children ingesting, including those “natural” medicines that are all the rage right now. I felt ill thinking of the thousands of dollars it added up to, and we received no real health benefits-instead we just kept getting sick. So, not only could my essential oils do the job, they could do a better job! And they could do it without harming our bodies with toxic chemicals.

Ok, now add up just how much the current contents of your medicine cabinet cost PLUS the cost of each time someone is sick and you make that late night run to CVS for NyQuil, Mucinex, Tylenol, Motrin, Robitussin. Here is a small example:

  • NyQuil – $12.99 (replace within 3-6 months)
  • Robitussin – $10.99 (replace within 3-6 months)
  • Tylenol – $15.99 (replace within 6-12 months)


Lemon Pure Therapeutic Essential Oil that NEVER expires for $11.99, and you only need a few drops

Not convinced? Lets take a gander at another typical run-to-the-pharmacy ailment-Allergies (seasonal or food with hives)

  • Benadryl-$10.99
  • Zyrtec-$12.99
  • Allegra-$15.99-$20
  • Or your prescription with would include the price of a Doctor visit plus medicine) upwards of $100


Lavender Essential oil $23, no expiration no running back and forth to the store and discarding half-used OTC’s, money down the drain.

So take inventory and transfer buy. Instead of what you would spend in all the other products combined, transfer that to build your oil medicine cabinet. You will easily be able to see how it can fit into the family budget and actually save money since you will not be throwing away or wasting medicine because of expiration dates.

It has been one full year since we have used ANY OTC medicine or prescription. We have cured/healed the Stomach flu, allergies, bronchitis, ear infections, UTC’s, PMS, eczema and pink eye to name a few. Not ONE trip to the Doctor, Emergency Room or Pharmacy. Can I get an Amen people! 

Last note, I also purged myself from the mountain of supplements that are usually required in autism recovery. Plain and simple, the kids bodies work more efficiently and therefor do not need supplements to prop them up. The oils can take the credit.

Below is a great resource to cure almost any ailment:

Mom’s medicine cabinet



Make your Own Household and Personal Care Products

Young Living does offer an amazing array of natural and healing household cleaners (Thieves), and what makes them so amazing is that the essential oils are in the products. But, I decided to save a few dollars by making some of my own products from scratch using various oils such as Purification, Thieves, Lemon, Lavender etc…
I researched and came up with some of my own recipes for room sprays, toothpaste, deodorant, perfume, window cleaner, facial cleanser, diaper cream, insect repellant, tub scrub, dusting powder, bath salts, and hand sanitizer! I continue to be amazed at the power of these oils and how I can make so many things for a fraction of what I was spending at the grocery store! The more I save the more I can build my collection.


Give the Gift of Oils

My friends and family might be borderline annoyed at this point, but because I am so passionate about health and healing, I often give oils as presents. Not only can the closest around me enjoy the benefits, but I also earn points for my orders so I can get free oils. Win-win. Take what you would buy on Hallmark and Nordstrom and transfer that to something more valuable. Pretty sure they will thank you for it in the end.

My hope is that you are able to see how affordable true health is. Often we rely on “Doctors” to tell us what we need and give us “health” in the form of a prescription bottle, and we believe it because there is an MD behind their name. It really is just a band-aid (the only thing from CVS in my medicine cabinet by the way). The more we read and experience in our lives, the more we make the best decisions for our families. I will try to not bonk you on the head with it; instead you need to travel the path on your own and discover what health really means to you, and I promise the discoveries you will make are life-changing.

Down with the fevers! Safe and effective treatment


Peter Pan gets the highest fevers in the House!

With three children we run the gamut when it comes to fevers. I have one that runs insanely hot, like 105 degrees hot. My other two sort of peak slowly but take longer to recover. Fevers can be a very scary thing, especially when you are watching your children in absolute discomfort. In the past I readily reached for the Tylenol or Motrin (as prescribed by the Doc). Yes, it would work…but temporarily and the more I learned and researched the more I realized how dangerous they can be. Way more dangerous than a high fever. Not long ago I can remember taking a trip to the ER at midnight THREE days in a row for M’s fever that kept spiking to 105. What did they do? Administer large amounts of Tylenol coupled with Motrin.

In short, heavy amounts (even moderate) can disrupt a child’s enzymatic system. Think of it as a car’s spark plugs. A car can have all the gas in the world but without the proper connection of the spark plugs, it’s not going anywhere. That is how our enzymatic system works. Little brother’s enzymatic system, also referred to as Glutathione, and his liver, were damaged as a result of Tylenol over exposure.

Why these OTC’s can also be counter productive:

“There are several reasons it is better not to reduce a fever. Since fever is part of the body’s natural way of fighting illness or infection, reducing the fever can actually make the illness last longer, as it lets the cause of the illness live for a longer time.

Additionally, most conventional methods of lowering a fever can do more harm than good. Tylenol and Advil (the two medications most often given to children to reduce fever) both have side effects and cause liver failure in adults and children each year, especially when given regularly. Medications are also foreign substances in the body, which must be metabolized and filtered by the body and this takes energy the body could be using to fight the illness.

While a fever can be uncomfortable, it is possible to comfort the person who is ill without reducing the fever. Often, the medications that reduce fever also get rid of body aches or uncomfortable symptoms, so the two are thought to go hand in hand. While certainly, medical intervention and medicine are absolutely warranted at times, they aren’t my first line of defense for most fevers.”


So, think back to the last time your child had a fever, which could be very recently. The scenario might have looked like this, as it has for me in the past:

Child is Hot…get the thermometer (umm, did I last use that rectally in one of my kids??) Wash and sanitize…

  • OMGosh it is 105!!
  • call the Pediatrician or go to the ER
  • they give them Tylenol then Motrin
  • You are thinking they have some terrible disease right? Since they have a high fever right?
  • Nothing comes back wrong and you are sent home
  • Geesh, what a waste of time and money

We are lucky to have both a “regular” Pedatrician and Homeopathic Doctor that believe in educating us as parents, and empowering us to make better choices. In short fevers are a good thing when our bodies are fighting off illness.

Our immunity is strengthened, we make more white blood cells which fight the infection because they attack the actual virus or bacteria. Over the course of my life and the early stages of being a mother I was led to believe that pain killers and fever reducers was something I must give. The problem is, all of those are just a band-aid; a mask. They have done nothing to actually heal the body. Fevers are God’s way of naturally healing the body. He set up and made our bodies to perfection, don’t you think he thought about fevers too?

What we do currently for Fevers, with great success:

At the first sign we take off excess clothing and enjoy a cool bath. The thermometer doesn’t really matter. Keep in mind, I am ONLY talking about a fever or the flu-like fevers. There are other signs and symptoms that coupled with a fever, could be a sign of something more serious, see below. Use your best judgement and make a call if you need to. Just know that knowledge is power when it comes to pharmaceuticals.


Ok, back to what we do.

  • Rub Peppermint essential oil on the feet and belly. This typically reduces fever within 1 Hour. Amazing!
  • Diffuse Lemon essential oil while sleeping or resting
  • Extra doses of fermented Cod Liver oil, which gives the body nutrients
  • Tinctures/Syrups of Catnip and Elderberry
  • Bone broth for nutrients
  • If vomiting, let it run its course with the fever. Peppermint also dramatically reduces vomiting

No freaking out, no ER trip in the middle of the night and the knowledge that a fever is a sign of our children’s body healing itself.

If a fever were to persist for more than 2-3 days I would go into the Doc’s office for sure. Contrary to many people’s beliefs of homeopathy and natural medicine, we are not wacko and I do understand Allopathic Medicines role in our lives. Just know that you are in control and I would encourage you to first reach for something natural over synthetic.

I highly recommend this book to learn more about other options to treat your children by Dr. Mendelsohn.

I also only recommend Oils from Young Living Essential OIls, as they are tested to be the purest on the market today.

Here are some helpful tips as when to seek medical care or advice:

  • A child under three months has a fever over 100.4
  • A child has a fever 105 or over and you suspect something is off
  • A child has a fever for more than two consecutive days
  • Any stiffness in the neck or light sensitivity
  • Signs of dehydration or unable to re-introduce fluids after a day
  • Person exhibits any sign of respiratory distress (Seek immediate help)
  • Person has been exposed to toxins or poisons that may have caused the fever
  • Your motherly intuition speaks for itself