Recovering Autism Part 2: Embracing Natural medicine

To catch up, explore the foundation of our journey here – A Complete immunological Meltdown: Our story of beating Autism

We never thought it would happen to us, and there is not ONE parent on Earth that dreams of being the next in line. Unfortunately with the direction current statistics are headed they will. It breaks my heart. We put our faith and complete trust in Doctors to steer us away from harm and provide us the pros and cons of each decision that affect our health. The latin root of Doctor is “to teach” and that is precisely what they did so well as little as 50 years ago. They taught us how to treat illnesses at home, did not stop until they found the root cause and made good ‘ol house calls. Fast forward to today where we are “told” what to do, handed a prescription at nearly every visit and ridiculed if we mention the word…gasp…Natural!


Thru our journey of recovering two boys from autism we naturally had every Doctor in “western” medicine turn their backs on us. When our son was suffering from massive digestive issues, it was considered “un-related” and he quickly handed us a drug to mask the symptoms. Then there were the ticks and seizure-like activity that never seemed to end. Nothing showed up on the MRI or sleep study but again we were given a drug to mask the condition.

We searched and searched, with God guiding our path every step of the way, and with each turn and bump he brought just the right Doctor or treatment into our lives. With absolute prayer and trust God gave us our boys back. We absorbed more information in just a few short months, than our entire lives put together. Below is just a part of that process and some of the topics we wrestled with, ultimately finding what we believe to be truth.

The Fallacies of the Vaccine “Triumph”

Do any of us really understand what living conditions were like as little as 100 years ago in this country? Or the Dark Ages when the Black Plague reduced the entire population by a third?


This was a rear tenement in Wisconsin shared by numerous people with horses, pigs and cows in the same living area. Feces and urine was rampant because of no sanitation or sewage

By the mid-1800s, slums had become commonplace settlements in the western world. New York City had 100,000 slum dwellers living in 20,000 tenement buildings. They were in a crowded and vile predicament. Throughout these unsanitary slums, death was ever-present. Cholera, typhoid, scarlet fever, smallpox, typhus, and other infectious diseases were never idle. But during this time, the seeds of change were sown and slowly took root. It was the beginning of the Sanitation Revolution. A new understanding that filth contributed to human illness had come to light. It was also known that poverty was often a result of such illness and not just the cause. Based on this awareness, projects for the supply of clean water and removal of human and other waste gradually began to be implemented. (Dissolving And because of that infectious disease began to decline before the implementation of vaccines.

Let’s paint a little picture for ya.


This water closet was shared by 14 people living in a one-room apartment in New York. This was typical of almost all living conditions at the turn of the century.

So let me get this straight, if I let my house look like this, never fed my children nutritious food, or gave them proper rest and never washed our hands with soap, then, yes we would have a whole host of diseases in our home! My child’s life-expectancy would dramatically decline as well because their body would have no strong immune function to fight the disease.

We DON’T live like that anymore. We have sanitation, sewage, fairly “clean” water minus brain toxifying fluoride, good food (try to ignore Monsanto) and trauma medicine.

This is exactly what I had to educate myself on in order to understand where most pediatricians are coming from. A lie. Parents are not getting the whole truth. When I declined the Chickenpox vaccine and asked my pediatrician why it would be so wrong to get this virus, his answer was “why would you want to do that and inconvenience you and your family?” Well sir, because then we would have 100% natural life-long immunity that I can also pass down to my children en-utero and they can then pass it too. That’s WHY.

And no, it would not be an inconvenience, because my child’s long-term permanent immunity is more important than short-term “convenience” that is riddled with possible debilitating side-effects.

If we can truly grasp how perfectly designed our bodies are by God, then filling it with synthetics and man-made substances is completely ignoring his intelligence. I admit medical statistics and research is not my gift so I rely on some very talented people, like this galto bring forth facts and figures. We make our decisions with a little thing called free-will; weighing the risks and rewards and ultimately choosing what aligns with our own beliefs and values. Having a Doctor force you into any decision strips you of your God-given right to choose.


We had to Ditch the Scare Tactics

Despite many well-documented historical problems, polio and smallpox vaccines serve as the anchor for vaccination faith today. The subject stirs passion in those who believe their ancestors were affected by the dreaded virus or their children could be crippled by it today.

I was that average person. The new mom scared of stirring the pot and challenging my babes Doctor. As we moved down the path of autism recovery it was a no-brainer that I needed to take control of our own families health and build a comfort zone of how far I was willing to go outside the realm of allopathic medicine. Admittedly it was a slow process at first. For a person who perceived natural medicine as a bunch of hippie-chick-cuckoos, I was shackled to modern medicine and all the wonder drugs that it had to offer.

Fast-forward to multiple middle-of-the-night emergency room visits for breathing treatments, the pulmonary specialist who prescribed 3 separate steroid inhalers and casually told us to give our boy Allegra everyday for the rest of his life, the neurologist who said our boy would never be able to function in the real world and that pediatrician who injected my boy with 8 vaccines in one visit, it was all enough for me to completely abandon non-trauma western medicine.

Marshall2BD 055

We had to fight to completely re-build this little guys immune system

I embraced it and religiously put into practice a natural regimen

  • We have not used Tylenol in over 3 years
  • We do not give our children any prescription meds and would only do so as a last resort (it felt pretty great to toss the breathing machine)
  • We have weathered strep throat, flu, whooping-cough, ear infections, pertussis, croup, eczema, digestive distress, heavy metal-toxicity and asthma (that was never present to begin with, but let me go ahead and give my son 3 steroid inhalers because a doc says to anyway right?) – ALL WITH NATURAL MEDICINE

We even live in the epicenter of the so-called measles outbreak. Everyone was “scared” and you cold feel the unease in the atmosphere during that time. We did not get the measles, nor did any of my friends, or their friends or even their friends. The population of Southern California is approximately 3.7 million and this is what happened:

“At least 21 cases of measles in Orange County, California so far this year, including 7 people who required hospitalization, in what the Orange County Health Department is calling the worst outbreak in 20 years. (2014)” With zero deaths.

Yes, you read it correct…21. Wow, that surely is a crazy outbreak. Hurry run and get your vaccine now. Calling this an outbreak is a complete fallacy and a dis-service to parents everywhere.

Why no deaths? Back to point #1, sanitation, sewage, clean water, nutrition, vitamins…

Of course this is not the case in third world countries, but rather than shoot up babies with a 10-in-1 vaccine let’s get ’em some clean water, a balanced diet and safe place to poop!


I wish my colleagues who discourse so prolixly about the treatment of this disease would recognize that the grass in the fields, inconspicuous as it is, has a greater power to heal this disease than all their fancied wisdom and unsurpassed panaceas. – Dutch physician, Abraham Bogaert, 1711

Why we are not easily swayed into Modern Medicine

Quite simply we currently have a better understanding of how and why God created our systems to function, and the gifts of nature he gave us to treat illness. To see what we rely on in our arsenal of natural medicine read here. Does that mean we completely disregard modern medicine? No. It has its use, and for our family it rests solely in trauma and immediate life-saving interventions.

We have come full-circle from a devastating diagnosis to recovery, and without a doubt at least 75% rests solely on clearing my boys systems of toxic metals with natural medicine; the other percentage, a team of amazing therapists. Each day I witness their systems getting stronger, battling illness with ease and my fears have completely diminished. I am empowered as a Dr. Mom to treat my family with an amazingly powerful collection of safe and effective medicine

As a family we are confident in our health decisions, it may not be right for you and that is ok, we are all on our own journey. What we must NOT compromise on is allowing each person to choose their path without fear of persecution or bullying.

nov2012 meschuk family031

A Complete Immunological Meltdown – Our Story of Beating Autism

2013 meschuk family030

I am just a mom. Pictured above is my boy who had a label of Autism.

I am not a world-renowned Doctor and it doesn’t matter because our son was vaccine injured and I don’t need 8 years in medical school to prove it. Call it instinct, mother’s intuition or that gut-wrench feeling in the pit of my stomach; what matter’s most is that I knew the moment it happened.

I am a mom on a quest to share our story of tragedy, discovery and healing from Autism. One careless visit to the pediatricians office catapulted us into life-altering events for our family. Much is written about our healing progression on this blog except our story of injury and diagnosis, and friends that is the most critical part. There are millions of moms who are facing some facet of our journey each and every day feeling hopeless and with zero support from our “expert” medical community. I seek to change that by offering a glimpse into our struggles and triumphs recovering our son from that scary little word…Autism.

Mom’s carry an instinct that is more powerful than any Doctor or research study. Five years ago our son fell away into a deep, dark world after a round of 8 vaccines in one visit to “catch him up”. I don’t need a degree to understand causation; our boy literally changed overnight after his pediatrician forced those vaccines upon us. I was victim to the scheme of “if we don’t vaccinate then our child will become severely ill and die from a disease.” They promise that you will never face the hardship of an illness if you just inject a serum that is designed to trick the immune system. Never mind the fact that it is filled with highly questionable adjuvants. Ingredients that if any Doctor were to try and prescribe them singly, would be banned from medicine for life.

Can you imagine willingly injecting any of these ingredients alone? Aluminum, formaldehyde, mercury, DNA from foreign animals (non-human and aborted babies) and neurotoxins to name just a few. I guess five years ago I didn’t have the wherewithal to search the Google we all know and love, because if I did, you better believe I would have told that Doctor  to hit the road.

But YOU do. You have all the access you need to research and find the answers that make sense for your children.

It was in the days after his 15 month well-check that our little boy slipped away. Fevers (unexplained), major gut issues where he never had a formed stool, rashes all over parts of his body, ZERO language, hand flapping (that was NOT present before the 8 vaccines), no eye contact, socially inept, he was utterly and completely lost….His little body was on track for an epic meltdown from all the prior vaccine-adjuvants stored up in his system. That round of 8 broke him.

I wasn’t given the number for VAERS, or even a look of concern from our Doctor. No, instead “it’s completely un-related Ma’am, give him some Tylenol”. There was no screening for family history, past vaccine reactions or even asking me if I wanted to vaccinate. The nurse just came in with the needles, assumptions and all, as if it was a government mandated protocol.

A few weeks later, I had given birth to our second son, and in my crazy post-birth hormonal state had to deal with the reality of a diagnosis: Autism. It was like being hit with a ton of bricks and I literally suffocated. I cried uncontrollably every day and felt an enormous weight of guilt-then anger-sadness-then denial-then guilt again, and finally…determination.

It was game on in my book. I would get my child back.

What happened? My child had a complete immunologic meltdown and that spurred his brain and his gut into a state of Autism. I do not need evidence, research or some pharmaceutical-funded study to tell me vaccines don’t cause Autism. I witnessed it happen with my own eyes and that is all the evidence I will ever require. Vaccines do cause damage. The damage might be slight, moderate or severe, but damage will be done.

Momma’s, I’m speaking to you-an adverse reaction does not have to manifest in Autism. It can be allergies, rashes, eczema, auto-immune disorders, ADD, ADHD, OCD and behavioral challenges. It is our signal that the body is being stressed beyond it capabilities. There is a tipping point. The time has come. Our children are sick.

Is this what we want? Our children to become little drugged-up vaccinated robots with fake, synthetic immunity? I really do try and accept the stance of all those pro-vaxxers but unfortunately my simple-mindedness goes back to logic. Logic  dictates that nature will ALWAYS win over synthetic. Nature has this amazing ability to change and alter when threatened. I have never seen a synthetic drug or vaccine alter its state to stay “alive”. It is impossible. You can’t change the formula for a vaccine because it has a patent (enter “the love of money”). Instead more vaccines are made. Hey, that’s the answer right?

Notice I will not attach all kinds of research articles about how questionable vaccines are, because they are readily available to find. I am not here to convince you. I seek to share and start a thought process, not throw a bunch of statistics at you. If you want well-researched statistics please visit these amazing sites: LivingWhole, Age of Autism and The Thinking Mom’s Revolution.

We now make family decisions by using the good ‘ol brains that God gave us. Contrary to what the media and plethora of pro-vaxx sites will tell you, a person who decides NOT to vaccinate is pretty darn smart. We actually put in more time and research to land where we are than your average Joe. So, here is what I have come to know:

We are NOT to play the hand of God. Our bodies are perfectly designed with extreme care and intelligence. And that can never be replicated in a laboratory. Just look back thru history when man takes control over nature, it never works, yet our society presses on with complete arrogance thumbing our nose at God’s design.

The medical concept of health is virtually unrecognizable in today’s media from what it once was. Gone is the belief that our bodies are self-regulating organisms capable of amazing feats of healing, instead we get to hear the voice of organizations and companies who would have you believe the reason you get sick is primarily due to lack of their pharmaceuticals filling your body.

Is this Logic? 49 doses of 16 vaccines before the age of six.

No, it is just plain medical malpractice and dangerous, but let’s go ahead and add more to that schedule for our babies, because it sounds totally safe right?

Our family now comprehends naturally acquired immunity, which stands far away from vaccines. We rely on our bodies ability to self-correct with awesome intelligence and we use amazingly strong natural medicine that is always a step ahead of those nasty germs. We went from visiting a neurologist, ENT, pediatricians, emergency rooms, oncologists, you name it we were in an office figuring out this puzzle 4 times a month. Zero progress was made and no answers were given by our medical community. My son kept getting sicker. He made small, incremental gains in therapy, but his body was sick and that was the root of his Autism.

Fast-forward to present day and after 5 crazy-long years of recovery, we have not used a single pharmaceutical or OTC in over three years. Our children’s immune systems are getting stronger, and each day we seek natural choices, steer clear of synthetic immune altering substances, and pleasantly ask for those vaccine exemption forms with a smile.

How did we heal Autism? 

First, we treated it as an immune deficiency and took aim at the gut first. As the gut healed so did the brain. It took time, lots of time. Critical points of improvement happened with changing the diet (GAPS), homeopathic detox of each and every metal/vaccine stored up in his body, which we literally saw coming out one at a time. Camel milk, Essential Oil’s, and therapists that worked with him in the real world, not by the book of ABA guidelines.

It was nothing short of amazing to watch his progression over the years and I often sit in amazement and shock as I see my little social, happy guy thriving in school. It wasn’t easy, and the whole road was against the grain. We met resistance from family, friends and the medical community. But Autism didn’t win us, we won it!

Press on, research and follow your instinct. The tide is turning, the media cannot hide it any longer and the truth will come out.

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Down with the fevers! Safe and effective treatment


Peter Pan gets the highest fevers in the House!

With three children we run the gamut when it comes to fevers. I have one that runs insanely hot, like 105 degrees hot. My other two sort of peak slowly but take longer to recover. Fevers can be a very scary thing, especially when you are watching your children in absolute discomfort. In the past I readily reached for the Tylenol or Motrin (as prescribed by the Doc). Yes, it would work…but temporarily and the more I learned and researched the more I realized how dangerous they can be. Way more dangerous than a high fever. Not long ago I can remember taking a trip to the ER at midnight THREE days in a row for M’s fever that kept spiking to 105. What did they do? Administer large amounts of Tylenol coupled with Motrin.

In short, heavy amounts (even moderate) can disrupt a child’s enzymatic system. Think of it as a car’s spark plugs. A car can have all the gas in the world but without the proper connection of the spark plugs, it’s not going anywhere. That is how our enzymatic system works. Little brother’s enzymatic system, also referred to as Glutathione, and his liver, were damaged as a result of Tylenol over exposure.

Why these OTC’s can also be counter productive:

“There are several reasons it is better not to reduce a fever. Since fever is part of the body’s natural way of fighting illness or infection, reducing the fever can actually make the illness last longer, as it lets the cause of the illness live for a longer time.

Additionally, most conventional methods of lowering a fever can do more harm than good. Tylenol and Advil (the two medications most often given to children to reduce fever) both have side effects and cause liver failure in adults and children each year, especially when given regularly. Medications are also foreign substances in the body, which must be metabolized and filtered by the body and this takes energy the body could be using to fight the illness.

While a fever can be uncomfortable, it is possible to comfort the person who is ill without reducing the fever. Often, the medications that reduce fever also get rid of body aches or uncomfortable symptoms, so the two are thought to go hand in hand. While certainly, medical intervention and medicine are absolutely warranted at times, they aren’t my first line of defense for most fevers.”


So, think back to the last time your child had a fever, which could be very recently. The scenario might have looked like this, as it has for me in the past:

Child is Hot…get the thermometer (umm, did I last use that rectally in one of my kids??) Wash and sanitize…

  • OMGosh it is 105!!
  • call the Pediatrician or go to the ER
  • they give them Tylenol then Motrin
  • You are thinking they have some terrible disease right? Since they have a high fever right?
  • Nothing comes back wrong and you are sent home
  • Geesh, what a waste of time and money

We are lucky to have both a “regular” Pedatrician and Homeopathic Doctor that believe in educating us as parents, and empowering us to make better choices. In short fevers are a good thing when our bodies are fighting off illness.

Our immunity is strengthened, we make more white blood cells which fight the infection because they attack the actual virus or bacteria. Over the course of my life and the early stages of being a mother I was led to believe that pain killers and fever reducers was something I must give. The problem is, all of those are just a band-aid; a mask. They have done nothing to actually heal the body. Fevers are God’s way of naturally healing the body. He set up and made our bodies to perfection, don’t you think he thought about fevers too?

What we do currently for Fevers, with great success:

At the first sign we take off excess clothing and enjoy a cool bath. The thermometer doesn’t really matter. Keep in mind, I am ONLY talking about a fever or the flu-like fevers. There are other signs and symptoms that coupled with a fever, could be a sign of something more serious, see below. Use your best judgement and make a call if you need to. Just know that knowledge is power when it comes to pharmaceuticals.


Ok, back to what we do.

  • Rub Peppermint essential oil on the feet and belly. This typically reduces fever within 1 Hour. Amazing!
  • Diffuse Lemon essential oil while sleeping or resting
  • Extra doses of fermented Cod Liver oil, which gives the body nutrients
  • Tinctures/Syrups of Catnip and Elderberry
  • Bone broth for nutrients
  • If vomiting, let it run its course with the fever. Peppermint also dramatically reduces vomiting

No freaking out, no ER trip in the middle of the night and the knowledge that a fever is a sign of our children’s body healing itself.

If a fever were to persist for more than 2-3 days I would go into the Doc’s office for sure. Contrary to many people’s beliefs of homeopathy and natural medicine, we are not wacko and I do understand Allopathic Medicines role in our lives. Just know that you are in control and I would encourage you to first reach for something natural over synthetic.

I highly recommend this book to learn more about other options to treat your children by Dr. Mendelsohn.

I also only recommend Oils from Young Living Essential OIls, as they are tested to be the purest on the market today.

Here are some helpful tips as when to seek medical care or advice:

  • A child under three months has a fever over 100.4
  • A child has a fever 105 or over and you suspect something is off
  • A child has a fever for more than two consecutive days
  • Any stiffness in the neck or light sensitivity
  • Signs of dehydration or unable to re-introduce fluids after a day
  • Person exhibits any sign of respiratory distress (Seek immediate help)
  • Person has been exposed to toxins or poisons that may have caused the fever
  • Your motherly intuition speaks for itself

No Flu shot here! Natural Prevention and Treatment


Influenza and Flu Shots

Here it is again, the Flu, and I honestly think each year the signage of “Flu shot here” quadruples. (If it was really that great would they have to advertise?) A few years ago, we had the big H1N1 Swine Flu scare, and every few months the media and other outlets have you to believe that the next one is going to be even worse. Whether you choose to get the flu vaccine, or not, it is imperative you know there are other options which are completely natural and very effective without risking the harmful ingredients added to vaccines. Research before you vaccinate.

Swine flu and bird flu are so named because pigs and birds are the usual hosts for these organisms. The virus may spread to humans from these animals, but usually not from human to human. When the virus mutates, to be able to spread human to human, we then have the ingredients for a pandemic. It is important to know that you cannot get the Flu from eating poultry or pork.

Top dawgs from the CDC travel to Asia each year in May and collect Flu Virus from people who are sick. From those samples they make the seasonal flu vaccine. They just hope the virus does not mutate between May, when they collect the samples, and December when the Flu typically makes landfall in the US.

Bird Flu (H5N1), Swine Flu (H1N1), and seasonal Flu are caused by a virus. This virus is covered with spikes. One kind of spike acts like a hook, Neuraminidase (this is where the N comes from) and attaches the virus to a cell in the nose or lungs. The other kind, Hemagglutinin (the H) pierces the cell membrane and injects its viral code (RNA) into the cell. The cell’s DNA is then used to make more viral codes, which are then used to make thousands of new viruses which then are released to invade more cells and reproduce more viruses.

It is our body’s own immune system that creates all the symptoms. The mucous is used to protect cells and prevent hooking up and penetration by the virus. The coughs and sneezes expel the virus from the body, hence sneeze into your sleeve.

This is important: Fever kills the virus. (Most viruses cannot live over 100.5, so do not treat the fever unless it is over 102. While good hand washing is important, these viruses are spread through the air, so the fanatic use of hand sanitizers is not necessary and may be detrimental since it kills the good bugs on our skin. Use plain soap and water, or my favorite Thieves essential oil. No need for panic, just preparation.


History lesson: the Spanish Flu of 1918. Army units that used homeopathy had only a small percentage of deaths, whereas units not using homeopathy had death rates as high as 50-75 %

Precautions and what to do:

Most important do not use Motrin, Aspirin or Alieve to reduce fever. Apsirin can cause many more issues than it solves, especially in children. Evidence has been found in frozen bodies from the 1918 Spanish Flu of Reyes-like Syndrome. It is certainly plausible that Apsirin given during the epidemic caused more harm than good. To reduce fever quickly you can:


This is IMPORTANT to know: Viruses and bacteria mutate all of the time. Flu, Strep, Ear Infections, all of those “great” prescriptions and antibiotics that your doctor happily gives you will not work. The virus will mutate and your are OUTTA LUCK. However, essential oils mutate with a virus or bacteria; the oils are always ahead of the game. Only oils can attack and kill where man-made prescriptions cannot.

Second, have on hand some anti-viral, anti-flu herbal and homeopathic remedies. If a pandemic were to occur, it is possible there will be a shortage of natural remedies. So it might we wise to stock up a little, but you do not need to hoard. They last for many years and are not expensive. Because of the way homeopathic medicines are prepared, a small quantity can be expanded into a large quantity of medicine very easily. See below.

The two mainstay homeopathic remedies are Oscillococcinum and Gelsemium. In all, there are about 25 influenza remedies, depending on the symptoms that one has, but the two listed are the main general remedies. It can be used for prevention and is taken when flu is in your area. A box of Oscillo can protect a family of four people for up to 12 weeks. The usual dosage is one half vial of granules once per week for prevention. To extend that, add one half vial of granules to four teaspoons of water, and then give one teaspoon to each of the four family members once per week. Gelsemium and the other remedies are taken after one gets sick with the flu and is easily accessible at health stores.

Take lots of Vitamin C, 500 mg three or four times per day. O blood types should take Vitamin C from Rose Hips; other blood types should take Vit. C from Acerola Cherries. Do not buy cheap Vitamin C, absorbic acid, it can cause diarrhea.

Prevention for our family looks like this:

  • Diffuse Thieves in the house 1-2 times a week and rub Thieves on feet before school each day
  • 1 dropper full of Echinachea/Goldenseal in water each morning
  • Probiotics 2x/day

So do not be afraid, you can prevent and treat influenza without having a flu shot.


Convenient Outline for for you

For Prevention of Influenza:
(only do two or three of these at a time)

  • Oscillococcinum 1/2 vial once per week if flu is in your area
  •  Vitamin C, 500 mg three or four times per day.
  • Echinacea/goldenseal, alcohol free
  • Elderberry defense, make a tincture to have on hand
  • Essential Oil Thieves drops on tongue and mist
  • Essential Oil Thieves lozenges, tooth paste, or apply to a mask


  • Diffuse Lemon and Thieves; Oregano on bottom of feet (use carrier oil as it will burn)
  • Oscillococcinum 200 C, one dose 2-3 times per day until better, up to 8 doses.
  • Gelsemium 200C twice per day for 5 days or 30C every 2-3 hours until better
  • Arsenicum 30C vomiting, diarrhea, headache, restlessness and anxiety.
  • Byronia 30C slow onset, severe headache, irritable, wants to be alone,
  • Belladonna 30C rapid onset, very high fever, red face, dilated pupils.
  • Ipecac 30C is good for vomiting.
  • Podophyllum 30C is good for diarrhea

To learn more about essential oils you can click here. Also, Young Living is the best on the market. Highest quality and medical grade. No other ones compare. You will be so glad once you make the change.

All-purpose Baby Remedies and Why little sister is our Healthiest

adeline newborn020

Little sister is our healthiest child thus far and we are thankful that in her first year we have not had to use antibiotics, Tylenol or any other medication. That was not the case for our boys. We have learned so much thru our journey healing Autism about how our bodies react to viruses and bacteria. I wanted to share some of the more important baby related health issues we have overcome in little sisters first year, and how we did it. Let me be clear, I have a huge amount of respect for allopathic medicine and it should be used when warranted.  Mainstream medicine has its place and we are thankful for it. These are options to try before getting to that point.

The first thing we did to set A up for health was in the womb. I did a Brain Protocol prescribed by our Homeopathic Doctor and each day would take a combination of remedies, vitamins and minerals. I did not do this with the boys. The Brain Protocol assists in:

  • Neurodevelopment
  • Block outside toxins from entering the womb
  • Immune development
  • Liver and Lung development (preventing illness after birth)

In addition, a specific probiotic so I would be Strep B negative. I tested positive, he put me on the probiotic and by the time I was ready to deliver I was negative! No antibiotics needed! Oh, and lots of Vitamin D, which has been linked back to lower rates of Autism and better speech development.

I also delayed her chord cutting for 15 minutes and declined the eye ointment and Hepatitis B vaccine.


Breastfeeding and Milk Supply

The most amazing and power-packed herb you can keep in your pantry if you are breastfeeding is fennel. As I approached the 5 months mark my milk started to dry up and I was so frustrated. I contemplated stopping but I had a personal goal to get to 11 months at least! Fennel really helped me:

Fennel has a very sweet anise-like aroma and tastes like licorice.
For many generations, fennel seeds have been used to aid in digestion and balance a woman’s menstrual cycles.
It has been used to help support circulation and respiratory issues as well.
The Lord has created plants and flowers with so many amazing uses. As for Fennel, to aid in lactation for nursing mothers.  To increase milk supply quickly this is what you need, as it is truly miraculous.
To Increase Milk Supply for Lactating Mothers:
Swallow 2 drops of Fennel Essential Oil in a teaspoon of honey every two hours. Follow with a full glass of water.
You can also rub Fennel Essential Oil on the chest which may increase milk supply as well!
 Some word of caution: do not use if you are epileptic, do not use low-grade essential oil. Young Living is the only therapeutic oil on the market and safe to ingest.


At the first sign of trouble we give a high quality probiotic in water to A. (Genestra Brands HMF Natogen Powder) This begins the healing of her gut and immune system. We also give her drops of colloidal silver minerals and Echinacea. Other things that work wonderfully are:
  • Diffuse Peppermint, Eucalyptus and Lavender at night and in the house during the day
  • Rub the peppermint or RC oil on the chest with a carrier oil like Sweet Almond or Olive Oil
  • Rub Thieves on the bottom of feet to promote a positive immune response
  • Syringe the nose of course

Give it a day or so before racing to Urgent care for some antibiotics. Patience is hard, but the ill-effects of other medicines are much worse for your little babe.

What is better Tylenol, Motrin or none?

Tylenol contains acetaminophen and Motrin is made up of ibuprofen. Glutathione is produced by our bodies and is one of the most important things our body needs, especially when we are sick (one reason why the boys were using a glutathione cream as part of their biomedical treatment). Taking Acetaminophen causes it to not be efficient anymore and it gets depleted, which is obviously not a good thing. Glutathione is HUGE and full of helpful antioxidants that the body craves, it really is a major part of the immune system. When we or our children are sick the body needs extra amounts of this. Depleting it out of the body is not good, and that is what Tylenol does. Ibuprofen reduces fever faster & lasts longer, so doses can be applied every 8 hours, instead of every 3 hours for Tylenol.  The liver and gallbladder really do not like Tylenol either, as it is very harsh and cannot process it as well. When my kids are battling a super high fever, or are in pain or we have tried other options first to no avail, I might give Motrin.

**However, we rarely, if ever, give these products and do not store them in the house

Aren’t antibiotics the greatest invention ever?

First step: a great natural antibiotic is Oil of Oregano. You can dilute in water and take a drop or two. Also we place it on the boys feet as an anti-fungal, anti-yeast extractor.

Second step: Read this before happily accepting that prescription for antibiotics from the friendly Doc who probably wrote over 100 that day. In light of the fact that every round of antibiotics potentially damages the gut in a manner than can never be 100% repaired, I think it is worth considering this question.


Often rashes are due to parasites, liver dis-function or immaturity, allergies or products you are using that are toxic to their little systems.

Recipe for anti-bacterial diaper rash cream:
10 drops Lemon Essential Oil
8 drops Mountain Savory Essential Oil
3 drops Oregano Essential Oil
1/4 cup virgin coconut oil

Mix all ingredients well and keep in a jar in a dark cool place. Works like a charm and is a natural Anti-viral. Use before running to the doctor for antibiotics.


What we cannot live without in our Medicine Cabinet for infants (and all kids I guess)

  • Tea Tree Oil – antiseptic (cuts, scrapes, sores)
  • Arnica cream – bruising, swelling from bumped heads
  • Camilla, chamomile herb tea for teething relief
  • Young Living Essential Oils (too many to list but I have gone over a few above)
  • probiotic for gut health and immune function
  • Diffuser/humidifier for nights of restless sleep due to sickness but to be honest we use it everyday with our Autism protocol
  • Our Homeopathic remedies for various illnesses from Dr. A
  • Cod Liver oil (began at 4 months old, boosts immune system and brain development)
  • Last but not least, think before you vaccinate. They are unavoidably unsafe. This is the first step to keeping your infant healthy

We celebrated little sisters first birthday this past weekend. It has been such a joy to watch her grow and see the personality that the Lord gave her start to develop. We pray for God’s protection over her and also that she will come to know the Lord at an early age. We love you Sweet Adeline.

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What do I Believe? The Vaccine Decision

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When I first became a Mom I actually had the audacity to think I knew it all, especially about vaccines. I didn’t know anyone with Autism, so I had no personal connection to any of the “hot topics” that surround vaccines and the Autism community. I was only concerned with finding the best pediatrician for my son L. In our initial visit I asked what his stance was and he immediately went into a rant about how vaccines do not cause Autism or any other developmental delays, and that if we were to choose his practice I would have to abide by the CDC vaccine schedule.

It was after the first appointment that something inside of me said, “this just doesn’t feel right.” I started to quietly space out the vaccines and did my best to talk my way out of getting too many at once. I was pressured each time to get all of them and told that if I did not I would be asked to leave. So I began to research…

Big brother was 12 months by that point, we left that unfortunate place and headed to another one that was highly recommended. Again spacing out the shots, but it came to our 15 month visit where the Doctor really let me have it! He wanted to “catch-up” big brother with 10 shots at one visit.

Complete medical malpractice in my opinion

I relented and allowed 8, and the rest is history. L sustained a vaccine injury and we started on the road of healing and recovery. These events caused us to question what we believed in and really commit to prayer that God would make it perfectly clear to Aaron and I the decision we should make for our children. Choosing to vaccinate or not is a very personal matter and one that should not be taken lightly as there are pros and cons to each side of the equation.

It is important to begin the thinking process and come to an informed decision on your own, whatever that may be. Feel confident in your choice, because that is the parent you are meant to be! Trust in God and pray over this decision and research. It is “ok” to question your Doctor. Just because they have initials behind their name does not mean they make better parenting decisions. Unfortunately most of the time spent in medical school is listening to pharmaceutical reps and learning how to dole out the drugs.

Parents that choose to decline vaccines are not coming about the decision willy-nilly. They have put in hours of research in order to go against the grain. It takes more effort in deciding NOT to do something than to follow the crowd.

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Starting the Decision Process

Listed are a few points to read thru and begin your own personal research.

  1. God created each and every one of us in perfect form from birth. He also designed our bodies to heal themselves.
  2. We live in a world of sin, and sickness is a part of that. Unfortunately we do not live in the perfectly maintained and abundant Garden of Eden, so in our world there are risks for all decisions we make which also applies to how we take care of the land and our bodies that God has given us.
  3. Vaccines and other pharmaceuticals are drugs, plain and simple. They each come with a leaflet full of side-effects. Vaccines are simply a weakened form of the actual disease, but in addition filled with adjuvants or fillers such as metals and preservatives that are designed to “hopefully” spur an immune reaction.
  4. Vaccines are made by for-profit drug companies where drug reps then “sell” them to Doctors; therefor there is no “un-bias”
  5. Our bodies are designed by God to have all parts work together for the whole “good”. It is impossible to treat one symptom and not see it effect other areas of the body in a negative way. For example: Antibiotics attack the virus, but also destroy good bacteria in the gut, often leaving the body susceptible to more illness.
  6. All children have different needs when it comes to vaccines. Unfortunately there is an all or nothing approach by many Doctors and the CDC.


Ideology against vaccinating according to the CDC schedule or choosing not to vaccinate at all:

  • No one want’s their child to get sick, but our bodies are designed to heal and boost its own immunity when sick. It only makes the body stronger and able to fight other illnesses in the future.
  • Vaccines have questionable ingredients (adjuvants, mercury, formaldehyde, aluminum) Children with allergies are also at risk, since many vaccines are made in eggs.
  • Some have a moral dilemma with vaccine ingredients such as the rubella portion of the MMR which was begun in lung cells obtained from an aborted baby girl.
  • Parents should be able to make their own decisions about their children’s health. Each child is different, we are all unique and require a variety of treatments based on that. Mass vaccination for all does not fit the population at large.
  • The current vaccination schedule is overwhelming to our children’s systems. 32 vaccines by age 2. 50 by 5! A typical 7 vaccines injected into a 13-lb baby at a well check around 2 months is equivalent to 70 vaccines in a 130 lb adult


  • The real reason why disease has declined is due mostly in part to sanitation of sewage and waste, water purification and good food with health standards. Diseases actually were on the decline before that particular vaccine was invented. Example: Polio.
  • Babies and toddlers have a blood brain barrier that is not closed until around age 5. Injecting foreign substances into a still-developing brain and immune system can easily travel to the brain and cause toxicity, especially if that child is not good at dispelling metals from their body.
  • Remember when the kid on your block got chicken-pox and every child went over to get exposed to it so they would be immune in the future? What is so wrong with that now? Instead they push a chicken-pox vaccine on you. That vaccine is not “immunity”. True immunity happens when you contract a virus. You also can be immune from other diseases as well based off that initial disease.
  • Long-term effects: Anyone notice the HUGE increase in auto-immune disorders and children? ADD, Autism, allergies, asthma, depression, anxiety, diabetes etc.. To not accept the possibility that a link between the large amounts of vaccines and these immune issues exists is just irresponsible.
  • This is an example from the insert of the DTaP vaccine:”Adverse events reported during post-approval use of DTaP vaccine include idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura, SIDS, anaphylactic reaction, cellulitis, autism, convulsion/grand mal convulsion, encephalopathy, hypotonia, neuropathy, somnolence and apnea. Events were included in this list because of the seriousness or frequency of reporting”

For Support of Vaccines: CDC all or nothing vaccination schedule:

  • The small amount of inconvenience or pain will be worth it if we prevent all diseases in the future.
  • Diseases are deadly to the population and especially children. They need to be eliminated completely and vaccines can help with that by making a large portion of the population immune.
  • If we did not invent vaccines there would be massive outbreaks all over the world.
  • It is solely because of vaccines that the most western countries have been rid of certain diseases
  • It is stated that vaccines are not “complete immunity” but you are basically gambling that your immune response will protect you should you contract the disease. In vaccine literature there is no mention of a guarantee and future infection is possible
  • There is no inherent risk in any vaccine and numerous articles and studies are in the media daily to debunk Autism-Vaccine connections
  • They are completely safe regardless of age or amount given
  • If you happen to have a reaction it is not as bad as it would be should you get the real thing
  • Cases are rare of an allergic reaction to a vaccine. For example: Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

All of the above was our thought process when making our decision. Weigh the risks and rewards and do the research. Remember that it is also okay to be in the middle . You can space out vaccines or pick and choose the ones that fit your lifestyle and family needs. Never compare to another mom or feel you have to change what you believe in.

Some helpful links for you to begin:

Vaccine Injury Court  John’s Hopkins study of how Herd immunity really isn’t all its cracked up to be

How antibodies and immunity really work

Dangers of injecting Aluminum even in teeny tiny quantities

Infant exposure to Aluminum in breastmilk

Pharmaceutical BIG Money!

I encourage you to take time to watch this

Hepatitis B Vaccine and My Baby

Like most parents, my husband and I did what the Doctor told us do, after all he is the expert right? But then our first son had a marked regression after a round of FIVE shots (DTaP, HIB, Hep B) at 15 months. We were definitely on a search for answers and so our research began. I won’t go into our whole story here, you can read up on that, but based on that history we are now making informed decisions and the health of all of our children is improving. When little brother came along we had just started the learning process, and unfortunately he received one Hepatitis B vaccine in the hospital and one DTaP at the pediatricians before we pulled the plug completely. When our third child, little sister, came along we were finally fully versed in both the pros and cons of vaccines and able to make an informed choice not to vaccinate. She is the healthiest child thus far out of our three.


Here are a few things we have learned along the way:

First, thru multiple tests we have found that Hep B is the main culprit in the heavy metal toxic load on both of our boys. We have spent the better part of three years getting it out with chelation. Second, it is completely unnecessary for infants that are not high-risk.

Here are some facts about the Vaccine and the Hepatitis B disease as it relates to children/newborns:

  • The disease is given from an infected mother to child at birth. The key term is “infected”
  • From bites, blood, cuts or eating same food as an infected person. Again key term is “infected”

The CDC and many other outlets will tell you it is mandatory that all babies get the vaccine to protect them. Here is a sampling of how they describe the need for it:

“Hepatitis B is generally considered an adult disease because it’s known to be transmitted through unsafe sex and shared needles. But many who get it, including children, don’t engage in these “high-risk” behaviors. They’re either infected at birth or they contract the disease from close contact during childhood with others who are infected.”

So, if I don’t have it, and my husband doesn’t have it, and no one in my extended family has it, and we don’t use drugs or needles, then why would I want it? Would I want to unnecessarily inject my hours-old newborn with something they don’t need? Would I take an antibiotic if I am healthy? No. Actually we don’t use antibiotics, but that is another topic.

Here is a quick look at how many vaccines are given to children age 0-5:

That is a grand total of at least 50. You have to count the 3-1 shots as three each. So the DTaP is actually 18 not 6.

Here is the vaccination schedule when I was a child:


A “possible” total of 18-20 vaccines were given in 1980, and that is all the way until age 14, not age 5 like today.

So when it came time to specifically think about the Hepatitis B shot, Aaron and I both felt strongly that our newborn baby girl would not receive a vaccine of which she has 0% chance of getting. We were also disturbed by the reasons why this newborn shot is pushed upon parents.

  • In the event that the father or mother is having a sexual relationship with someone other than their spouse and contracts the virus thus spreading it to the baby
  • Ditto for drug use

So the logic is, vaccinate each and every baby born in the world regardless if they are at-risk or not. Maybe a noble effort but unfortunately that is not really sound thinking in our opinion. I cannot even fathom the amount of money that the drug companies profit from each shot that is given every second in this country. Can you imagine if parents became informed and opted out? How much money would be lost. I guess I would scare parents into giving it to their newborn too.

Here is an excerpt of something Dr. Sears has to say about Hepatitis B

This is not to say that there are at-risk newborns. But the problem is, rather than test and seek out those specific babies (of infected mothers), they inject them all.

By far A is the healthiest baby of all three. No colds, no fevers, no fussiness, no difficulty sleeping and no developmental delays and that is convincing enough for us to know we made the right decision.

We are continuing, thru the guidance of our Homeopathic Doctor, to get the remaining vaccine/metals out of L and M. We are seeing the levels decrease each month and in turn we see dramatic improvements in their behavior.

The most difficult part of this vaccine journey has been to forgive myself and move on. It can be the hardest thing for a mom to do, but once you move past the guilt and anger, it becomes a mission to heal your child, and that is exactly where my energy is spent today; not dwelling on the past.

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