Thieves Essential Oil Back to School Promo! Let’s GET Healthy!

It’s that time of year again where we either give three cheers for “Back to School”…or dread the early morning routines after a long a relaxing summer. If you are like me, you are really looking forward to not making a gazillion meals a day and being asked every five minutes for a snack. I am also looking forward to some special time with my youngest, who lately seems to get lost in the hustle and bustle of sports and activities with the boys.

In the past I would CRY when back to school time came because my kids were the ones who caught EVERYTHING. We missed so much school and the whole routine of “sickness” is just taxing on the entire family. This year, however, we are prepared and I am anxiously awaiting the ability to say, “I love you, have a great day!”

What turned it around for us last year was this special little red bottle called Thieves. Our immune systems were boosted immediately and my kids weathered sickness like rock stars. Lately we have been exposed to Hand Foot and Mouth, as well as the Flu and my kids were the only ones not to get it. To me, that is AMAZING!

I want YOU to reap the same benefits as our family and give you a great way to start your Essential Oil journey with the right education and support.

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What can you do with these?? Endless Germ killing of course, natural, safe, 100% effective again super bugs, Lice, dust, mold and other nasties, plus you will smell GREAT!

Spray on Backpacks (germs hitch a ride home on these), on the head to prevent lice, clothing, hands, feet, bathrooms, doors, tables etc… You can even spray this in your throat to kill Strep!

theives spray 2

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I am so excited for you to start a journey of Health and with God’s uniquely designed intelligent Medicine!

NOW you can be EXCITED for Back to School

Let’s take the FEAR out of FEVERS

Today was going to be a post on misconceptions and bullies with regard to recovering children from Autism, but instead some real life stuff happened recently and it is on my heart to share. The other post shall have to wait.

thomas Edison

About a year ago I finally released my fear and timidity of natural medicine, but it was a very long journey. Reversing something I have known my whole life is a very BIG change. When our boys were first diagnosed with Autism and we ventured into more “natural” means it was definitely foreign. For two years big brother was sick a lot; his entire system was wrecked and far from a state of homeostasis. I can distinctly remember a period of 6 months where we spent 3 nights a week in the emergency room receiving breathing treatments and steroid inhalers. There was a “fear” instilled in me each time we visited urgent care, the hospital or the pediatricians office. Fear that if I did not start dosing toxic synthetics into my son he would surely never get better. I didn’t question or research, but I should have. We would have saved ourselves a lot of time, money and emotional distress given even a basic knowledge of God’s intelligent design. Since then, I have come to know one very important fact:

Medicine is not Healthcare – Nutritious food and plants are Healthcare.

Medicine is sickcare. Let’s all get this straight for a change.

Present day finds me extremely confident in treating my children at home with the most effective natural medicine available. I had to put on a different set of lenses to see our bodies for what they are; immaculately made with complete precision by our Creator. He does not make mistakes, and the inner defenses he established and our bodies response to illness portray it.

I want to specifically target fevers because it is completely misunderstood and treatment is totally “fear” based. Here was our recent experience:IMG_9064


Baby girl (23 months) woke up perfectly fine but was harboring a residual dry cough that we had been treating with thyme, lavender and lemon. She ate normal, acted energetic and then around 10 am became listless, with watery eyes and a fever of about 102.

The “old self” would have reached for the Tylenol or even rushed to urgent care for fear that it might be a serious infection. The old self would have been given a prescription for antibiotics or maybe at the very least a large dose of a synthetic fever reducer. Anxiousness and feeling overwhelmed by the thought of “what if it gets worse” would have set in. I would have been chained to my bottle of fever reducer all while destroying my child’s liver and enzymatic system.

Letting go of the craziness is hard and takes a lot of patience, but it can be done and I assure you the outcome gleans more permanent and positive results than modern medicine ever will.


What I have learned

Fevers are one of the most powerful healing responses we have and an indication that the human body is fighting an infectious disease. Reducing fever is best accomplished by using anti-inflammatory essential oils internally or topically, taking detoxifying baths and just letting go…our body knows exactly what to do.

How did fever come to be seen as so dangerous a condition that we put our child’s well being at risk in order to suppress the temperature?

The Fevers function is to stimulate an immune response and create an environment that is inhospitable to invading organisms. Basically, turn the temperature up to kill invaders. The hypothalamus then kicks in when it gets signals from different lines of defense that are being overwhelmed. It is the hypothalamus that determines what is sufficient to protect our bodies from those bugs.

The Benefits of Fever

  • More antibodies — cells trained to specifically attack the exact type of invader that your body is presently suffering from — produced more specific to that bug than any pharmaceutical.
  • More white blood cells (the good guys) produced, circulating, mobilizing and armed to fight off the invading bugs specific to the general category of invader.
  • More interferon produced (another immune system good guy, which blocks spread of viruses to healthy cells).
  • Walling off of iron, which bacteria feed on.

Increased temperature, which directly kills microbes. (Most bacteria and viruses actually grow better at temperatures lower than the human body, which is why they like our cool noses in the winter.) Parents, it’s not your kids begging for fever-reducing drugs; it’s the germs.

Listen up! In order for a fever to efficiently kill invading microbes, the temperature usually needs to reach 102.7. When we artificially reduce that temperature to oh…let’s say 99 (which is exactly what synthetics do) you have now created a perfect little petri dish in the body allowing the invaders to flourish. Why does it not surprise us when an illnesses lasts much longer than needed? You know that co-worker or friends child who was sick for 3 months straight? Probably used synthetics to suppress and push all of those invaders right back in. Meanwhile, our “intelligent” system is working overtime to flush it out. A struggle that will never be broken until you decide to put a halt to it.

Simply put – The body was tricked! It was never able to do what God created.


Perking up a little!

Treating Fever the Naturopathic Way

Naturopathic treatment is to support a fever, unless it rises too high or too quickly. A fever of 102 degrees F to 103 degrees F is considered the optimal defense against microbes. Temperatures like these also heal the body most effectively. Supporting a fever means to work with it, not against it. For example, one effect of fever is to slow down peristalsis, which is movement of food through the gut. We should eat less and drink more water when treating a fever and homemade bone broth is a perfect nutrient have on hand.

Our Protocol

Ok, let’s get back to baby girls quick recovery. After she tried to nap but woke within 1 hour and a temp of 102, also pretty unhappy, I quickly popped her in a baking soda bath with lemon and lavender essential oil. This was our first line of defense to help push her body in the direction of healing. The baking soda and lemon pulled out the virus faster and the lavender calmed her nervous system and squelched her “fever shakes” immediately. Of course not knowing the root cause of her illness I chose lemon and lavender because they correct almost any issue. Natural medicine is about listening to our bodies and making the choice to use something that will be powerful enough to self-correct while never result in side effects.


Seriously these bugs didn’t stand a chance.

After our long amazingly blissful bath (insert sarcasm here) I rubbed peppermint and lavender on her back and the bottom of her feet, gently nudging her body in the right direction it needed to go. Peppermint is critically important for any home medicine cabinet, from vomiting to nauseousness to a fever, it does it all!


We kept this up for about two hours and then supported her immune system with the application of thieves on the bottom of her feet and internally 1 drop with raw manuka honey (another great natural immune booster). The fever was 100 by then, and gradually decreasing even more. Bye bye little microbes!

Baby girl was eating dinner and sleeping soundly with no fever, cough or sign of a cold by lights out. We will continue to apply thieves, lemon and lavender tomorrow to ensure we prop her immune system up well.


Playing with brother. All better.

Relaaaaax and let it go!

If you are still under the impression that having a fever or 100 or 101 degrees Fahrenheit is an indication of a dangerous situation, relax! It’s not!

Unfortunately, most parents end up giving their child potentially toxic doses of fever-reducing medications such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen when, in reality, their child’s temperature is ideal for accomplishing healing. Worse yet, there are parents who administer aspirin at the first sign of fever, which actually poses a far greater health risk than any fever could, as aspirin may cause Reye’s Disease, which can be lethal.

“Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own; you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies (1 Corinthians 6:19-20, NIV).

Let’s Re-cap: 

It’s important to realize that fever is your body’s backup defense mechanism when your primary ones – mainly your immune system — fail. Your first line of defense is your macrophages, which gobble up any invading microbes.

We all know that it is far easier to prevent an illness than to treat it. This involves building up and keeping the immune system functioning strong before an illness gets the chance to invade our immune system, we do this strictly with essential oils, completely streamlining our “natural” medicine cabinet. 

Did you know that there is growing evidence to support a Vitamin D deficiency is really the cause of the common cold? So get some more STAT and be sure it is not GMO or derived from soy. I love this brand HERE.

Confidence in the gifts God gave us

I can remember like it was yesterday the absolute fear and anxiety illness played in our home. There is nothing worse than feeling helpless when faced with a child struggling to catch their breath, or a high fever or vomiting and taking constant trips to the doctors office for recurring illness because it was never treated properly in the first place.

My faith in natural medicine can never be broken, and yes, I believe in “trauma” medicine, however, my husband and I witness its strength at work daily in our lives. It is very freeing, humbling and empowering all at the same time.

To read more about the effectiveness of essential oils read HERE

YLEO vs OTC drugs 2

Click here for circumstances that warrant a trip to the Emergency Room (trauma medicine)

The information on this blog is for educational purposes only and it is our life story. It is not intended to prescribe, diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please educate yourself and address any health or medical needs you may have with your physician. The essential oils described on this blog refer only to therapeutic grade essential oils. I only recommend Young Living essential oils. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.


5 Important Essential Oils for Babies and Beyond…

adeline newborn024

Top 5 Essential Oils for Babies and Children

We can go thru life with regrets or realize that people, places and things are put in our lives at exactly the right time. Do I wish that  natural remedies would have been my first choice as we started having children…of course! Or when my babies experienced their first high fever and ear infection I would have had essential oils and herbs at my disposal….why yes!

There is something very empowering and freeing when you have complete control over your families health. To know for almost any illness, there is powerful yet gentle “medicine” that provide peace and comfort to parents, especially when there are so few things that are safe for babies when they are hurting.  I would have loved to have a stash of oils to get me through some of those tough times. Better late than never!

dr mom ms gems pic

My knowledge and desire to be Dr. Mom came in its own perfect timing and has been a crucial part of healing our boys from autism. To be able to equip parents with options (other than pharmaceuticals and synthetics) is an absolute passion. I WILL change the world… more specifically our approach to modern medicine and the “quick fixes” that our society craves in all facets of life.

So let’s focus on babies for a moment. They are our most valuable gift and that first few years are a critical time to establish a life of good health and immune function. 

Below is a list of essential oils for babies, along with protocols for common issues that babies experience.

simple things to keep in mind: always dilute on babies with coconut oil or jojoba oil. Do not expect results from inferior oils.


#1 – Lavender

My top pick is lavender because it is one of the most versatile oils. It instills a normal sleep pattern, and what mom doesn’t need that in the first three months?? Lavender cleanses skin irritations, releases tension in the mind and body, among a long list of other things! Lavender is known as sort of the Swiss Army knife of oils, and has traditionally been known to balance the body and work where there is a need. When in doubt, use lavender is what you will always hear me say! **caution to know and trust your source of lavender. It is one of the easiest to make synthetically which provides zero therapeutic effect. Your essential oil company should have a S.E.E.D. to seal guarantee in place.

Can be used for: Cradle Cap • Crying Baby • Diaper Rash • Clogged Tear Duct • Fever


#2 – Di-Gize

What do I hear more than anything (next to eczema) that pretty much every baby is suffering from? Constipation, gas, colic, or diarrhea, and IT IS NOT NORMAL…so don’t let your pediatrician get away with telling you it is and handing you a prescription for a drug that will cause life-long immune dysfunction. I have personally seen many infants suffering from gut issues, only to have it worsen with OTC’s and Drugs; in each case, a small amount of Di-gize offered immediate relief….and stay away from the pasteurized milk people!

Di-Gize is a blend containing tarragon, ginger, peppermint, juniper, fennel, lemongrass, anise, and patchouli. These oils help with problems related to the digestive system. Simply rub a little over the belly or the bottom of the feet.

Eczema anyone?? The new “fashion” for babies and kids now. A combo of Di-gize to heal the gut and lavender to nourish the skin is a powerful one-two punch to nip that in the bud.

Can be used for: Colic • Jaundice • Constipation • Diarrhea


#3 – Thieves

A powerhouse of germ killing! Even superbugs like MRSA and C-diff are no match for this blend. Thieves contains clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus radiate, and rosemary. It is highly antiviral and antiseptic. I use it any time there is evidence of germs attacking!

Can be used for: Coughing • Teething • Fever • Hand, Foot, Mouth Disease


#4 – Melrose

Melrose is a blend containing two types of melaleuca, rosemary, and clove. It has strong antiseptic properties and can fight infection. It also helps with tissue regeneration. This oil is also very gentle with little to no “hot” feeling on the skin.

Little did I know how common molluscum contageousum and warts were until it happened to our middle son. This blend has been a part of our oil regimen to heal molluscum permanently! 

Can be used for: Ear Infection • Cradle Cap • Thrush

Lavender Plus Melrose

If you have both lavender and Melrose, this combination of oils is useful for pink eye, baby acne, eczema, dermatitis and warts. (never put oils directly in the eye)


#5 – Peace and Calming

Peace and calming is a blend containing tangerine, orange, ylang ylang, patchouli, and blue tansy. It offers up the most deep relaxing sleep you will ever experience! Peace and calming also helps with insomnia, and can reduce stress and anxiety. Mom also needs this oil, as it works wonders after a busy day and you find that your mind just won’t shut off.

This oil is a HUGE part of our Autism Protocol!

Can be used for: Crying Baby • Sleeplessness • Coughing

Finding it hard to begin? Below are some simple protocols to use for many common childhood illnesses. They only apply to the use of Young Living Essential oils. 


Thieves, Melaleuca, Lemon, or Lavender. Diffuse 2 drops of either at bedtime or during the day. Mix 1 drop of either with 1 TBL of a good carrier oil and massage the upper chest and back at each diaper change.


Mix 1 drop of Lavender with 1 TBL of a good carrier oil. Gently massage a few drops into the abdomen in a clockwise direction following the natural movement of the colon.


Lavender or Roman Chamomile. Add a drop of either to 1 TBL of good carrier oil and massage in a clockwise motion on the tummy.


Mix 1 drop of Lavender with 1 TBL of a good carrier oil and rub a small amount on the chest and back.


Place a small drop of Lavender or Roman Chamomile on your hand or a tissue and just let the baby smell the oil.


Mix 1 drop of Roman Chamomile with 1 TBL good carrier oil, gently massage 2-3 drops on the tummy in a clockwise motion following the natural movement of the colon.


Combine 1 drop of Chamomile and 1 drop of Lavender with 1 drop of whole milk. Add to baby’s bath water and swish around before bathing baby. Keep the oils away from baby’s eyes.


Mix 1 drop of Lavender with 1 TBL of quality carrier oil. Massage a small amount onto the bottoms of the feet and apply to the back of the neck and behind the ears, cover the feet with socks.


Mix 1 drop of Geranium with 1 TBL of quality carrier oil. Apply to the bottoms of feet and over the liver area. Do not apply oils within 1/2 hr before or after UVA treatment.


Mix 1 drop of Roman Chamomile or Lavender with a TBL of quality carrier oil. Use a small amount to gently massage outside of the face along the jaw line. Thieves and Clove are also amazing, but dilute well and apply to the gum line.


Mix 1 drop of Roman Chamomile and 1 drop of Wild Orange with 2 TBL of quality carrier oil. Add 1 Tsp of mixture to warm bath water, swishing around before bathing baby. #2 One drop of Di-gize on the belly or bottom of the feet. Avoid getting oils in baby’s eyes.

Other essential oils commonly used on infants: Grapefruit, Lemon, & Tangerine

nov2012 meschuk family020



Dilute 1-2 drops of Thyme or Lemon in 2 TBL of quality carrier oil and massage a little on neck and chest. Another great option is Thieves.


Dilute 1-2 drops of Rosemary, Ginger or Orange in a TBL of quality carrier oil and massage on stomach and feet. (Di-gize as well)


Add 5 drops of Lavender and 5 drops of Melaleuca to warm water, use to clean the wound. Apply 1 drop of Lavender to a band-aid and cover the wound. The Lavender may sting if applied directly.


Apply Melaleuca and Lavender to the outside of ear or apply a of each to a cotton ball and set in the ear. Do not apply oils directly into the ear canal.

Read Here about our Ear Infections and how we treat them.


Dilute a drop of Lavender and a drop of Peppermint in 2 TBLS of coconut or jojoba oil and massage a small amount on back of neck, behind the ears and on the back.


Dilute 1 drop of Cypress or Lemon in an unscented bath gel and use in a warm bath.


Cool burn first with cold water. If the skin is not broken apply 2 drops of Lavender directly to the burn. If the skin is broken apply the Lavender on the perimeter of the burned area. Apply 5 drops of Lavender to a cold, DRY cloth and gently hold over burned area.


Add 5 drops of Lavender to 1 tsp of Aloe Vera and apply to sunburned area.

The bottoms of the feet are really one of the best places to apply oils. Interesting to me is that oils even as hot as oregano can be applied to the bottoms of the feet without discomfort. Be sure to put socks on to prevent getting these kinds of oils on other areas of the body that are more sensitive.

It is truly magical to be able to sooth a burn or calm a distraught child will these beautiful essential oils. They will learn to love them and look forward to their benefits from very early on.

To read more on why Essential oils heal and drugs do not, click here. I have THREE Special gifts to send you for any Premium Membership with Young Living Essential Oils. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions! Read bout them by Clicking HERE

One last thought. It is time we start taking health into our own hands and stop the cycle of “suppression” that our society has fallen into. What happens when we face anything uncomfortable whether it be illness or just in life? We want to suppress it, rather than heal it. We are taught from an early age that a trip to the pharmacy and some drugs will take away discomfort immediately, and in a time of quick fixes and immediate gratification, this is all we know.

Our bodies, so perfectly designed, are not meant to be “quick fixes”. A fever means the body is fighting germs, but if we trick it and do not allow this natural process to happen, then that virus or bacteria will never go away. There are compounding effects to that as well. Anything with a list of side-effects means those things can ACTUALLY happen!

Natural Medicine does not have side effects. Natural Medicine does not cause other organs and systems to shut down because of their use.  More importantly, natural medicine is ancient in its roots and if you are looking for a medicine with the longest track record of safety, look no further than essential oils.

mar2013 little mamas003

I am a wife and a mom who loves learning about essential oils & sharing with others the incredible things I have learned through my research, personal experiences & the experiences of friends and family. Please like and share the love!

FDA Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. The recommendations above are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.


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A pretty insane three weeks!


Nothing is worse than getting sick, unless it includes three children plus mom, then that really bites. I admit there was a moment where I literally thought I was never going to make it out sane, I almost completely lost it, had it not been for prayer, the support of my parents, my husband and the knowledge of natural healing.

First, a myth that being sick means you are “not healthy”. In general almost all illness is a sign that there is a disruption in your body and the immune response is to kill that virus or bacteria. Why do we spike a fever? That fever is actually a bad-bug killing machine. You want that fever.

God, in is infinite wisdom, designed our bodies to self-heal by getting “sick”. In the past I was desperately scared of my children falling ill. Who really thinks its fun cleaning up vomit in the middle of the night? (why it always happens then is beyond me and a question I will surely ask when I get to Heaven) The fevers, more vomit, the coughing, the snot, the puke again…yes I know you have been there.

Prevention works, but sickness will happen. It is the immediate action taken that can help you recoup faster and actually boost your immune system the next time around.

In the past we treated with everything in the world that we SHOULD NOT use. To learn more about that read here and here about how using over the counter medications, vaccines and antibiotics will cause short term and long term harm.

So let’s take a look at our three weeks of insanity! In order…

Big brother got an ear infection

Baby sister got the Flu (influenza)

Baby sister got an ear infection

Little brother got a sinus infection

Mommy got Strep Throat

Big brother got Norovirus

Mommy Got Norovirus

Little brother ruptured his ear drum

Daddy just felt queasy, and helped take care of all of us.

What changed for me immediately? I knew what to do. I had an entire arsenal of very potent, very healing herbs, essential oils and homeopathic remedies to use. I want to speak specific to a few tough decisions we had to make (ear infections) in a separate post, stay tuned.

Healing Mommy’s Strep Throat

I am very prone to this type of illness and I know right away what is in store. Swollen lymph nodes, extremely painful throat, fever and my body pretty much feels like it was hit with a truck. I can specifically remember 2 years ago taking antibiotics for this very same illness, only to continue to get sick because the antibiotics actually made my body weaker by killing good and bad bacteria. Things were different this time around. I immediately began this protocol:


To address my lymph nodes I rubbed copious amounts of frankincense on them and within the hour they decreased in size to near normal. I continued for 3 days until they were completely back to normal. I never needed antibiotics and my throat was better in less than a day.

Big Brother’s norovirus

Total mom-fail here. L was complaining of stomach pains all day and I made him eat his dinner. Later I had the pleasure of cleaning it up at midnight all over my amazing teal couch.

That sour smell was a tell-tale sign of the dreaded noro-bug. He had one more episode of vomit and by morning he was eating and drinking normally. That has never happened before, such quick and easy healing, and we are the kings and queens of the norovius over here.

What I did:

Rubbed peppermint, sacred frankincense, copaiba and melaleuca on his tummy every 30 minutes and rubbed thieves and oregano on his feet every hour. That’s it! Why this worked?

Peppermint is a natural and powerful anti-nausea, anti-vomiting agent.


Frankincense or sacred frankincense and melaleuca are immune boosters and can annihilate bad bacterial infections. By rubbing it on his tummy it was quickly absorbed into his intestinal tract

Thieves and Oregano more effective replacements for antibiotics and other OTC’s like tylenol. They have the ability to pull out toxins in the body while also boosting the immune response. Again, rubbing topically on his tummy and back to be absorbed (just as effective for a child as an adult swallowing a capsule with it)


Lastly, to help promote sleep and a sense of calm in his overly anxious mind, I applied lavender to his back and diffused peace and calming. In between episode 1 and 2 of puke he slept like a baby.

He went from this…


To this…


Big brother, little brother and baby sister also all had ear infections to varying degrees. I wrote about past ear infections here in this post . Later I will share about that part of our journey.

Why do essential oils work so well? Some quick tidbits:

  • They are God’s perfect design, plants and herbs that he breathed life into and created for us to use for our benefit
  • They are potent. One drop can be in upwards to 30 lbs of an herb or plant
  • The molecules are the tiniest of size. Only oils have the ability to pass thru the blood brain barrier to reach parts of the brain and heal where prescription medications will never reach
  • They do not have to get processed thru the liver, like a drug, only to never make it to the intended target
  • There are NO side effects
  • They are generally regarded as safe with minor precautions for children or those with epilepsy
  • Every oils works in harmony with another, and thus in harmony with the body

For more info click here

In all, three weeks of being down and out taught us a lot as a family, me as a mom, and daughter of Christ. My mom sent me a wonderful note of encouragement that really opened my eyes up to how I often forget that God uses difficult times to bring us back to him.

“Thank me for the conditions that are requiring you to be still. Do not spoil these quiet hours by wishing them away, waiting impatiently to be active again. Some of the greatest work in my Kingdom had been done from sick beds and prison cells. Instead of resenting the limitations of a weakened body, search for MY WAY in the midst of these very circumstances. Limitations can be liberating when your strongest desire is living close to Me.”

We treated naturally and effectively without OTC’s. All of us had our immune systems challenged and they are now stronger with natural antibodies in place the next time some bugs come a knockin’

Yes, by now my kids LOVE me putting the oils on. They even ask for them…


Croup got you down? Sure-fire natural ways to help you ditch those breathing treatments

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Croup is like the itch that just won’t go away in our house. My kids must have a big target on their backs and that big letter “C” comes with a vengeance. Not long ago we would make several late-night treks to the emergency room because the barky, seal-like cough was just too much to bear. We would wave the white flag and succumb to the steroid-filled inhalers and breathing treatments that the Doctors prescribed. Did I know any better? No. I never knew any other options existed that were completely natural and safe. Fast-forward to today and when that cold virus comes a knockin’ followed by his friend the cough, I no longer dread the 3+ hour stays in the emergency room and feeling of helplessness.

What is Croup?

Croup refers to an infection of the upper airway, generally in children, which obstructs breathing and causes a characteristic barking cough.

The cough and other symptoms of croup are the result of inflammation around the vocal cords (larynx), windpipe (trachea) and bronchial tubes (bronchi). When a cough forces air through this narrowed passage, the swollen vocal cords produce a noise similar to a seal barking. Likewise, taking a breath often produces a high-pitched whistling sound (stridor). (Mayo Clinic definition)

Some kids are more prone (like mine) others may never get it after contracting a cold virus. In most cases it truly is mild or can warrant a scary ride to the emergency room. There are clear indicators to look for when reaching the red zone; difficulty breathing, pale white skin, coughing fits that are uncontrollable, dehydration etc…

The good news is, there are some very specific actions you can take to avert croup. This is what we do at the immediate onset of a cold virus which always moves into my children’s lungs and causes croup. Once I learned precisely what to do, I am happy to report we have had NO cases of croup in over 18 months! Some of that is age, as kids generally outgrow susceptibility to croup, but I still have 2 under the age of 5 and that puts them at risk for sure.

First step at onset of a cold

Diffuse Raven or RC immediately thru the night as your child sleeps. Rub on feet and chest. Why does this work so well?

Raven contains Ravintsara, Eucalyptus, Lemon, Peppermint and Wintergreen. These are highly anti-viral and completely open up the airways. Also a great alternative for asthma sufferers or seasonal allergies instead of an inhaler.


RC contains a multitude of oils that calm the inflamed airways and kill the virus causing the cold.


Together these two powerful oils stop my children’s cold dead in its tracks, eliminating the need for Tylenol, breathing treatments, OTC cold medicine or inhalers.

However, every child responds differently and if the cough has persisted, then we administer the following to finish it off.

2 Specific Homeopathic Remedies for Croup

The first remedy to stock in your medicine cabinet is Aconitum. This particular homeopathic needs to be used at the immediate onset of a croup-like cough. I would definitely give this if my children were frightened from the coughing fits or have anxiety as Aconitum specifically targets those behaviors. Typically give 30 each hour, if there is improvement then change the dose to every few hours. You will see the change immediately and a lot of times the child falls to sleep from over-exhaustion, and that is a good thing. Sleep near them to monitor breathing thru the night.

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And then there are cases of the cough persisting. We then give Spongia tosta and continue until the coughing stops. If we are still coughing into the early morning hours and the cough has not returned to a normal “velvety” consistency we give Hepar sulph 30.

In our 2 bouts of croup this year the essential oils alone have worked within 2 hours. But every child is different and all three of mine respond in their own unique way as well. Keep that in mind when going thru each step.

There are alternatives to OTC’s and prescriptions that work better, faster and are completely natural!

No Flu shot here! Natural Prevention and Treatment


Influenza and Flu Shots

Here it is again, the Flu, and I honestly think each year the signage of “Flu shot here” quadruples. (If it was really that great would they have to advertise?) A few years ago, we had the big H1N1 Swine Flu scare, and every few months the media and other outlets have you to believe that the next one is going to be even worse. Whether you choose to get the flu vaccine, or not, it is imperative you know there are other options which are completely natural and very effective without risking the harmful ingredients added to vaccines. Research before you vaccinate.

Swine flu and bird flu are so named because pigs and birds are the usual hosts for these organisms. The virus may spread to humans from these animals, but usually not from human to human. When the virus mutates, to be able to spread human to human, we then have the ingredients for a pandemic. It is important to know that you cannot get the Flu from eating poultry or pork.

Top dawgs from the CDC travel to Asia each year in May and collect Flu Virus from people who are sick. From those samples they make the seasonal flu vaccine. They just hope the virus does not mutate between May, when they collect the samples, and December when the Flu typically makes landfall in the US.

Bird Flu (H5N1), Swine Flu (H1N1), and seasonal Flu are caused by a virus. This virus is covered with spikes. One kind of spike acts like a hook, Neuraminidase (this is where the N comes from) and attaches the virus to a cell in the nose or lungs. The other kind, Hemagglutinin (the H) pierces the cell membrane and injects its viral code (RNA) into the cell. The cell’s DNA is then used to make more viral codes, which are then used to make thousands of new viruses which then are released to invade more cells and reproduce more viruses.

It is our body’s own immune system that creates all the symptoms. The mucous is used to protect cells and prevent hooking up and penetration by the virus. The coughs and sneezes expel the virus from the body, hence sneeze into your sleeve.

This is important: Fever kills the virus. (Most viruses cannot live over 100.5, so do not treat the fever unless it is over 102. While good hand washing is important, these viruses are spread through the air, so the fanatic use of hand sanitizers is not necessary and may be detrimental since it kills the good bugs on our skin. Use plain soap and water, or my favorite Thieves essential oil. No need for panic, just preparation.


History lesson: the Spanish Flu of 1918. Army units that used homeopathy had only a small percentage of deaths, whereas units not using homeopathy had death rates as high as 50-75 %

Precautions and what to do:

Most important do not use Motrin, Aspirin or Alieve to reduce fever. Apsirin can cause many more issues than it solves, especially in children. Evidence has been found in frozen bodies from the 1918 Spanish Flu of Reyes-like Syndrome. It is certainly plausible that Apsirin given during the epidemic caused more harm than good. To reduce fever quickly you can:


This is IMPORTANT to know: Viruses and bacteria mutate all of the time. Flu, Strep, Ear Infections, all of those “great” prescriptions and antibiotics that your doctor happily gives you will not work. The virus will mutate and your are OUTTA LUCK. However, essential oils mutate with a virus or bacteria; the oils are always ahead of the game. Only oils can attack and kill where man-made prescriptions cannot.

Second, have on hand some anti-viral, anti-flu herbal and homeopathic remedies. If a pandemic were to occur, it is possible there will be a shortage of natural remedies. So it might we wise to stock up a little, but you do not need to hoard. They last for many years and are not expensive. Because of the way homeopathic medicines are prepared, a small quantity can be expanded into a large quantity of medicine very easily. See below.

The two mainstay homeopathic remedies are Oscillococcinum and Gelsemium. In all, there are about 25 influenza remedies, depending on the symptoms that one has, but the two listed are the main general remedies. It can be used for prevention and is taken when flu is in your area. A box of Oscillo can protect a family of four people for up to 12 weeks. The usual dosage is one half vial of granules once per week for prevention. To extend that, add one half vial of granules to four teaspoons of water, and then give one teaspoon to each of the four family members once per week. Gelsemium and the other remedies are taken after one gets sick with the flu and is easily accessible at health stores.

Take lots of Vitamin C, 500 mg three or four times per day. O blood types should take Vitamin C from Rose Hips; other blood types should take Vit. C from Acerola Cherries. Do not buy cheap Vitamin C, absorbic acid, it can cause diarrhea.

Prevention for our family looks like this:

  • Diffuse Thieves in the house 1-2 times a week and rub Thieves on feet before school each day
  • 1 dropper full of Echinachea/Goldenseal in water each morning
  • Probiotics 2x/day

So do not be afraid, you can prevent and treat influenza without having a flu shot.


Convenient Outline for for you

For Prevention of Influenza:
(only do two or three of these at a time)

  • Oscillococcinum 1/2 vial once per week if flu is in your area
  •  Vitamin C, 500 mg three or four times per day.
  • Echinacea/goldenseal, alcohol free
  • Elderberry defense, make a tincture to have on hand
  • Essential Oil Thieves drops on tongue and mist
  • Essential Oil Thieves lozenges, tooth paste, or apply to a mask


  • Diffuse Lemon and Thieves; Oregano on bottom of feet (use carrier oil as it will burn)
  • Oscillococcinum 200 C, one dose 2-3 times per day until better, up to 8 doses.
  • Gelsemium 200C twice per day for 5 days or 30C every 2-3 hours until better
  • Arsenicum 30C vomiting, diarrhea, headache, restlessness and anxiety.
  • Byronia 30C slow onset, severe headache, irritable, wants to be alone,
  • Belladonna 30C rapid onset, very high fever, red face, dilated pupils.
  • Ipecac 30C is good for vomiting.
  • Podophyllum 30C is good for diarrhea

To learn more about essential oils you can click here. Also, Young Living is the best on the market. Highest quality and medical grade. No other ones compare. You will be so glad once you make the change.