Back to Basics with Essential Oils


Let’s get back to basics here.

I write a lot about how we use pure therapeutic essential oils, our successes, and how we have not touched an OTC or Prescription med in over 2 years now. It blows my mind, really it does. How can something like an essential oil do that? I always thought they smelled good but were a little “hippy-ish”, so I kind of just brushed them aside and kept popping the Advil or plugging in that Glade full of toxins.

Until I really took the opportunity to educate myself and make some changes


By definition, essential oils are are the vital fluids of plants, (if you take your fingernail and scratch it across a leaf, the “juices” that are released are part of those vital fluids). These fluids are necessary for the life of the plant and contain life force, intelligence, and vibrational energy that gives them healing properties that we can harness and use through distillation. Essential oils are composed of tiny molecules that can penetrate every cell, crossing the blood/brain barrier and administer healing therapy at the most fundamental and basic level of our bodies.

Therapeutic grade essential oils act as a channel between the physical body and the body’s electromagnetic field. Suffice to say that our physical bodies are secondary to and reflections of our subtle bodies composed of light and field energy. While there are numerous compounds in essential oils, to keep things simple let’s focus on the three basic compounds found in essential oils. They are Phenols, Monoterpenes, and Sesquiterpenes….


Phenols are simply phenomenal! Why you ask? Well, phenols, which are a specific type of molecular compound found in many essential oils offer a host of cleansing properties. Phenols create conditions where unfriendly viruses and bacteria cannot live. In addition to their antimicrobial abilities, phenols also promote hormonal balance and healthy bodily function. Their most important feature is that they clean the receptor sites on the cells. If the receptor sites aren’t clean, cells can’t communicate, and with lack of communication your body ends up malfunctioning and sickness sets in. The following essential oils contain phenols, with Anise essential oil being the highest in phenol content.

Anise (90%)
Clove (80%)
Basil (70%)
Oregano (70%)
Thyme (48%)
Calamus (30%)
Cinnamon (25%)


Monoterpenes are a specific type of molecular compound found in most essential oils and offer a host of healing properties. The absolute, most important property of the Monoterpene is its magical ability to REPROGRAM mis-written information in the cellular memory, or DNA. What happens when there is incorrect coding in the DNA? Simply put, the cells malfunction and the body falls ill. Monoterpenes can also be spiritually elevating by stimulating the pineal gland. They are strong supporters of the immune system and boost the body’s natural defenses. Here are some examples of oils with Monoterpenes content….

Frankincense (82%)
Angelica (80%)
Cypress (77%)
Galbanum (75%)
Pine (60%)
Rose of Sharon (54%)
Juniper (54%)
Spruce (50%)
Myrtle (37%)


Sesquiterpenes are a specific type of molecular compound found in certain essential oils that deliver oxygen to the cells. Since the size of the molecules of essential oils are extremely tiny, essential oils have the unique ability to cross the blood-brain barrier unlike drugs or chemotherapy. Oils high in sesquiterpenes can be beneficial in brain related issues like Dementia, Alzheimer’s, Memory Loss, and Brain Fog. Sesquiterpenes also aid in ERASING and DEPROGRAMMING mis-written code in cellular memory. Hence their importance in fighting cancer. Oxygen carried by the sesquiterpene molecules create an environment where cancer cells cannot reproduce in the body! So not only do they erase the bad code in the cancer cells, but they also aid in stopping their growth! Whoa! Sesquiterpenes are anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and immune stimulating. When oils high in sesquiterpenes are inhaled, there is increased activity in the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands, thereby increasing output of growth hormone and melatonin. Additionally, more endorphins are secreted, which may increase the antibodies in our systems. Here are some essential oils high in sesquiterpene content…

Cedarwood (98%)
Vetiver (97%)
Spikenard (93%)
Sandalwood (90%)
Black Pepper (74%)
Patchouli (71%)
Myrrh (62%)
Ginger (79%)
Brain Power oil blend

All three compounds (phenols, monoterpenes, and sesquiterpenes) work individually and as a whole to bring the body back to a state of equilibrium and balance.

Essential oils all work in harmony together and there really is no wrong oil, that have an intelligence that can never be replicated in a lab, and they know exactly where to go. That is the beauty of what God created for our benefit!

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