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Thanks for visiting. I am the mother to three kids and wife to a High School football coach. Our two sons were initially diagnosed with Autism. Big Brother suffering a vaccine injury at 15 months and little brother with his first Hepatitis B shot as a newborn infant just an hour old. We have since recovered them thru a mix of biomedical treatment, Homeopathic Medicine and therapy. It is our ministry to share with others the painful reality of our journey in and out of Autism.

Our sweet little girl was born in 2012 after experiencing a very painful miscarriage. She has truly completed our family and is an absolute joy.

We continue to learn each day about what helps our kids live a healthy, productive life. I am passionate about recovering our boys while also celebrating the wonderful personalities that God has given them. I hope you find a tidbit of good information. We wish to share our story and knowledge in the hopes of saving one child at a time from Autism Spectrum and Immune Disorders.

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12 thoughts on “Our Family

  1. Hi Jodie,
    I have enjoyed reading all of your pages! I was wondering if the DAN doctor that you used to see was Kartzinel? We have been seeing him for over a year, and I feel ready to move on to something more natural and aggressive if you know what I mean? I have an appt with Dr. Abell in January, and looking forward to it! My son is 4.5, and the clock is ticking I feel. Thank you for the great writings, we too are walking with God.
    Gina Hadley

    • Hi Gina,
      I absolutely agree that you have a race basically until they reach 5 or 6. I was glad we shifted from Kartzinel at age 4 to Dr Abell. It has made such a difference. I feel like a lot of Biomed is one size fits all and a true homeopath makes all the difference in the world. Dr. Abell tailors everything specifically to the child. We are OFF all the biomed stuff like B12 shots with no regression because Dr Abell is targeting and healing specific issues.

  2. Wondering if you ever considered HBOT? We tried this summer but my son could not take the pressure in his ears. Kartzinel suggested tubes, which we are considering. We know his brain is inflamed based on an increase in speech when he was on a short term dose of prednisone. I felt like HBOT was going to be fantastic for him. Cannot wait to see Abell based on what you are saying!
    Thanks so much!

  3. Never tried HBOT. I am not sure how I feel about it. I think it can help some, but I would talk to Dr Abell about it. For us, we felt like we needed to put our money in the best possible spot and that was healing from the inside out beginning with Biomed DAN, therapy (tons of out of pocket therapy) thousands of $$, Neurofeedback, organic foods, Dr Abell, you know it all adds up. So we could not justify trying HBOT for a few more thousands. I definitely feel that God always put us on the right path

  4. Hi Jodi-
    I’m dying to meet you and learn from you! My Son attends S. preschool too and is in the MWF 4’s class. He is also on the spectrum and we are looking to try some new interventions. I just learned about the Camel’s milk from Mrs. B. yesterday and we are so excited about it. Though I feel that I’m a well versed warrior mom, I see that I can learn much more from you:) what I would give to be able to call my son “Recovered!”

    Oh… I think we have the same pediatrician too:) sounds exactly like my Dr. S. he is AMAZING- we love him❤

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