Hepatitis B Vaccine and My Baby

Like most parents, my husband and I did what the Doctor told us do, after all he is the expert right? But then our first son had a marked regression after a round of FIVE shots (DTaP, HIB, Hep B) at 15 months. We were definitely on a search for answers and so our research began. I won’t go into our whole story here, you can read up on that, but based on that history we are now making informed decisions and the health of all of our children is improving. When little brother came along we had just started the learning process, and unfortunately he received one Hepatitis B vaccine in the hospital and one DTaP at the pediatricians before we pulled the plug completely. When our third child, little sister, came along we were finally fully versed in both the pros and cons of vaccines and able to make an informed choice not to vaccinate. She is the healthiest child thus far out of our three.


Here are a few things we have learned along the way:

First, thru multiple tests we have found that Hep B is the main culprit in the heavy metal toxic load on both of our boys. We have spent the better part of three years getting it out with chelation. Second, it is completely unnecessary for infants that are not high-risk.

Here are some facts about the Vaccine and the Hepatitis B disease as it relates to children/newborns:

  • The disease is given from an infected mother to child at birth. The key term is “infected”
  • From bites, blood, cuts or eating same food as an infected person. Again key term is “infected”

The CDC and many other outlets will tell you it is mandatory that all babies get the vaccine to protect them. Here is a sampling of how they describe the need for it:

“Hepatitis B is generally considered an adult disease because it’s known to be transmitted through unsafe sex and shared needles. But many who get it, including children, don’t engage in these “high-risk” behaviors. They’re either infected at birth or they contract the disease from close contact during childhood with others who are infected.”

So, if I don’t have it, and my husband doesn’t have it, and no one in my extended family has it, and we don’t use drugs or needles, then why would I want it? Would I want to unnecessarily inject my hours-old newborn with something they don’t need? Would I take an antibiotic if I am healthy? No. Actually we don’t use antibiotics, but that is another topic.

Here is a quick look at how many vaccines are given to children age 0-5:

That is a grand total of at least 50. You have to count the 3-1 shots as three each. So the DTaP is actually 18 not 6.

Here is the vaccination schedule when I was a child:


A “possible” total of 18-20 vaccines were given in 1980, and that is all the way until age 14, not age 5 like today.

So when it came time to specifically think about the Hepatitis B shot, Aaron and I both felt strongly that our newborn baby girl would not receive a vaccine of which she has 0% chance of getting. We were also disturbed by the reasons why this newborn shot is pushed upon parents.

  • In the event that the father or mother is having a sexual relationship with someone other than their spouse and contracts the virus thus spreading it to the baby
  • Ditto for drug use

So the logic is, vaccinate each and every baby born in the world regardless if they are at-risk or not. Maybe a noble effort but unfortunately that is not really sound thinking in our opinion. I cannot even fathom the amount of money that the drug companies profit from each shot that is given every second in this country. Can you imagine if parents became informed and opted out? How much money would be lost. I guess I would scare parents into giving it to their newborn too.

Here is an excerpt of something Dr. Sears has to say about Hepatitis B

This is not to say that there are at-risk newborns. But the problem is, rather than test and seek out those specific babies (of infected mothers), they inject them all.

By far A is the healthiest baby of all three. No colds, no fevers, no fussiness, no difficulty sleeping and no developmental delays and that is convincing enough for us to know we made the right decision.

We are continuing, thru the guidance of our Homeopathic Doctor, to get the remaining vaccine/metals out of L and M. We are seeing the levels decrease each month and in turn we see dramatic improvements in their behavior.

The most difficult part of this vaccine journey has been to forgive myself and move on. It can be the hardest thing for a mom to do, but once you move past the guilt and anger, it becomes a mission to heal your child, and that is exactly where my energy is spent today; not dwelling on the past.

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